Sunday, January 11, 2009

Giants won't repeat

Well, the Giants are who we THOUGHT they were too. They got ousted by the Eagles. The Arizona Cardinals are HOSTING the NFC Championship game next week. And NO, the Eagles are not this year's version of last year's Giants. The Steelers host the Ravens next week after they defeated the Chargers this afternoon. I have a friend at work who is a Steeler's fan much like I'm a Cowboys fan. He wanted to play the Ravens again in the playoffs and now, well, Matt Jennings(his name), be careful for what you have wished for. It's not like last year when the Cowboys were big favorites to do their NFC rivals, the Giants for the third time. Not like last year in that the Cowboys two wins over the Giants in the regular season were by two scores each. The Steelers won the two meetings against Baltimore by a combined seven points. So I'm not sure that I would have wanted to see them a third time if I'm a Steeler's fan. Yeah, it's in Pittsburgh but............last year, the Cowboys hosted the Giants and were 10 or 11 pt favorites to win. This matchup next week between Pittsburgh and Baltimore is clearly evenly matched. I'd wager on the Steelers but just barely. Call it Steelers 17-14. They'll find a way. And next week in the desert, I will go with the Cards at home. The Eagles are one of those teams that can be hot but I'm not sure that they can keep it up over the long haul. They just don't look to me like the team with lightening in the bottle. The Giants looked flat and they hadn't played the kind of ball that had them 11-1 at one point. That was over a month ago. It all caught up to them. They peaked and then they got knocked down a peg. And they never recovered. I saw this one coming. So they aren't repeating. No suprise really. I'm still more suprised about Dallas flopping. But then again, the whole season was a bit off, it seemed. There were key injuries, too many penalities. Way too many turnovers. And it all came crashing down on their heads in the last month again. And as a Cowboys fan, I hate the way they have "forgotten" how to play in December. I really believed that this time would be different because they were fighting for their playoff lives. Maybe had they not blown the Pittsburgh game............They bounced back to beat the Giants..........Then allowed Baltimore come and do them in their house in the last game to ever be played there no less.................and they no showed against the Eagles. And these Eagles still don't impress me as a Super Bowl team. They beat the Vikings who aren't very good with a QB in Tavaris Jackson--face it, he's awful. And the Giants just looked dead in the water today. They looked like they'd hit a wall. Basically, they proved that they caught lightening in the bottle last year in the playoffs, it carried over for much of this season, and then their bubble finally burst. This last month, G-MEN hardly resembled the team of the first twelve games of the year. I mean noone can ever take away that 2007 thing that they pulled off. But a dynasty? Don't kid yourself. They ARE what we thought they were. Oh, and I forgot to mention that the Cowboys released PacMan Jones. No suprise there I'm afraid. It's too bad that it didn't work out because he was a talent that could've helped us but he's no longer with us so we move on

Saturday, January 10, 2009

The offseason is busy in the personal life

The NFL Playoffs minus my Cowboys have been going on and believe it or not, I HAVE been watching them. Arizona has shocked people by winning TWO playoff games, at home over Atlanta and Matt Ryan. And tonight, they shocked the Number TWO seed Carolina Panthers. The Panthers are who we THOUGHT they were. Or at least who I thought they were. I never was sold on them. I always believed that if my team got in that they'd beat Carolina if they met. Well, Carolina is out losing at home for the first time all year to a Cardinal team that was OH and FIVE on the East Coast during the regular season. And IF the Eagles upset the Giants tomorrow in the Meadowlands, the ARIZONA FREAKIN CARDINALS will host the NFC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME!!!! And the Baltimore Ravens are the team NOBODY wants to face. They knocked off their second playoff foe on the road with a rookie named FLACCO. I had never heard of him before this year. I knew who Matt Ryan was without a doubt. But Joe Flacco? I forgot who he played for in College. Ofcourse, a year ago I didn't even know that he existed. He doesn't make mistakes to beat his team and the Ravens defense is back to being NASTY. And Pittsburgh against San Diego tomorrow determines who the Ravens will meet next Sunday for the AFC Championship game. The Ravens knocked off suprising Miami last wk (easily) and edged the Number One seed Tennessee Titans in Nashville today. I am starting to get into Basketball. College and Pro. I think that my Utah Jazz may be getting it together and then my College BYU Cougars look strong in the conference at least. And my Georgetown Hoyas are number 10, after knocking off number two UCONN and losing to number one Pitt. The Big EAst is a BEAST in Mens' Hoops this yr.

This week I lost my Grandfather(on my Dad's side) at age 92. The Funeral was yesterday. My Company(Coca-Cola) has paid funeral leave along with many other good benefits, so I had a three day weekend. It was a great service paying tribute to a great IRON man. I read the eulogy and my Dad and Brother both gave lengthy speeches about him. I was also one of the pallbearers. He outlived my Grandmother by twenty years. She died in Feb. 1990 at age 72 during my senior yr of High School of cancer. My Grandfather died of natural causes. So an era has definitely ended there. My parents, sister and her husband are living at my Grandfather's house about 15 miles away from where I am at. Life does go on and though I am still very dissappointed on my Cowboys' underachieving 2008, there will be next year as always. I look forward to 2009.