Friday, July 17, 2009

Predictions by "Experts'

They'll be wrong again about Dallas, just like they were last year. This year they are acknowledging that they have the most talent at least in their division but I see second and third place predicted orders of finish. Well, it's based on what happened last year and the fact that Wade Phillips is still the coach. Last year, based on their 13 win 2007, they were almost unanimous favorites to at least be in the Super Bowl. Well, the so-called experts don't know anything more than you or I do, as I stated earlier. And it shouldn't bother me really except that in one NFl preview magazine, they predicted that they'd miss the playoffs altogether, finish third in their division and here's the kicker........Bears make the playoffs. UH HUH, and the Cowboys don't. Somebody's lost their minds there. What are you kidding me? If Dallas doesn't make the playoffs, there's no way Chicago does. NO WAY Chicago gets in regardless. They suck. They have no receivers and Jay Cutler is 17-20 as a starter and that was with a much more talented offensive group. The Bears may have a decent defense but even that side of the ball is a far cry from 2005-06. And the offense will continue to struggle. The Bears, if they're lucky, go 9-7. That's probably doesn't get them in unless the NFC North stinks it up this year and the Bears win the division going 8-8 or 9-7. But NO WAY they get in to the playoffs and Dallas doesn't. That would be like Arkansas being ranked and Georgia being unranked. That's like the Clippers making the playoffs and the Lakers missing

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Someone with very little class

I Hate this guy anyway because he plays for the New York Giants. But the fact of the matter is that guys like Eli Manning, Amani Toomer(though he's no longer there, released earlier this year) Michael Strahan(retired but still somewhat biased towards his former team) Jason Tuck, at least have some class. But big bruising fullback Brandon Jacobs, has shown me that he hasn't got much if any. First of all, first things first, since he came into the league, the Giants are 4-5 against Dallas(including that playoff upset) so we've beaten him and his team our FAIR share of times enough that he ought to not be popping off about Romo, and oh yeah, DUH, he doesn't even play defense to be running smack about a quarterback unless it's his own. Eli Manning has CLASS, okay, but he has just as many flaws as, if not more than, Romo. I haven't forgotten about how he slammed the football against a playclock when scoring a TD, and they don't call him for delay of game but everytime Ocho Cinco or T.O. celebrate without showing their ASSES, and they're hit with unsportsmanlike delay of game penalties. And now just the other day about Romo not being effective when staying in the pocket. He's had some of his better games against your defense Brandon "Big Fat Mouth" Jacobs. Let's see in five starts against the Giants, Romo is 4-1 with the one loss again being that upset in the playoffs in Jan. 2008. Even if you include that loss in there, with Romo against the G-men, the Cowboys average 27 pts. And Jacobs kind of play has him missing a handful of games here and there. Sure he punishes but he is no Bo Jackson in terms of athletic ability and his career, at the rate things are going, isn't going to last much longer. So a guy who probably won't be in the NFL(MARK MY WORDS) in five years to be popping off about an opposing teams QB is ludicrous. Shut your damned piehole. I'm telling you right now. Romo will get his and in five years, he'll still be around and Brandon Jacobs won't.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

News and Sports in the meantime

Wow! there is quite a lineup of figures who have passed away in less than two weeks. Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett, Michael Jackson"king of pop", Billy Mays, and now, from the NFL ranks, Steve McNair. Ed McMahon died of older age, more something towards Natural Causes, while Fawcett lost her valiant battle with Cancer, Michael Jackson appears to have died of an pain medication overdose, Billy Mays to a sudden cardiac arrest related to heart disease. Steve McNair was murdered. And very troubling and unfortunate for his family members, friends, former teammates, and fans, is that he was having an extramarital affair with a young 20 year old, also found dead at the scene. Maybe a lovers quarrel, or murder suicide. Maybe a bizarre love triangle. A semi-automatic rifle was found underneath the female victim. McNair had apparently been seeing this young female for the past several months while still married with four sons. It's sad, tragic, and twisted all at once. This is tragic like, say Len Bias. Something that could've been avoided. Steve McNair paid the price. Awful news to say the least.

Lance Armstrong has begun his comeback in the Tour De France. If he wins, it will be amazing, considering he's almost 38 and had retired after winning his seventh straight tour in 2005. If he doesn't win, there will be all of the naysayers that will wonder why he retired and then came back after four years. Why didn't he just come back and win it once or twice more in 2006, 2007, and then call it a career. But if he wins, will he then come back next year or will this be it? I know that if he doesn't win, he won't be back for sure. It's the only reason, I confess, why i'm tuning into the tour. Here's a guy, my same age, who has just the most amazing story, beating cancer, and then winning SEVEN straight Tour de Frances. And maybe 10 straight had he kept going. That would have happpened last year. Does he still have what it takes to win? After a four year hiatus? I honestly believe that he wouldn't be doing it if HE didn't think he could. I also believe, firmly, that as long as he stays in the mix up until his strength stages that come in the final 1/3 of the tour, that he'll have them where he wants em. I believe then that it will be his to lose. And a huge BITE ME and F YOU to the all of the anti-doping agencies that keep trying to find something on Lance. Seriously, the guy was diagnosed with a Stage 4 cancer, given at best, a 50-50 chance for survival. And for ANYONE to even think that he'd be that crazy to take banned substances.........................................YOU"RE INSANE. He still maintains that beating cancer was the greatest victory of his life. He's the best ever. Deal with it. And if he wins again this time after having walked away four years earlier on top with nothing to prove, I will LAUGH OUT LOUD!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Some Cowboys Trivia

In 1981, my first year following my beloved Dallas Cowboys, the team notched 37 interceptions. I wonder what team has the most ever in a season. THIRTY SEVEN! That's unheard of. This team had it all on Offense (Danny White, Tony Dorsett, Robert Newhouse, Drew Pearson, Butch Johnson, Tony Hill, Doug Cosbie, Billy Joe Dupree, and a better than average line) and Defense, their front four of Harvey Martin, Too Tall Jones, John Dutton, and Randy White was as imposing as anyone's. Their linebackers were Mike Hegman, Bob Brunnig, Anthony Dickerson, and DD Lewis(in his final year of a 14 yr career) The secondary might not have been the fastest bunch. Guys like Dextor Clinskcale, Dennis Thurman, Michael Downs, and Everson Walls. Downs and Walls were both actually from Dallas, as was the late Harvey Martin. But the secondary sure had the sure hands for sure. Walls was a rookie that year and led the NFL with 11 interceptions and would also lead the league in picks one or two other times. Unfortunately, after being on a Super Bowl caliber team in Big D for his first few years, Walls would see the Cowboys gradually decline(1985 being the last playoff year and winning season in the Landry era) and then freefall between 1986-89. The Cowboys would rebuild and return to glory in the 1990's but by the Everson Walls had finished his career with the despised New York Giants, winning a Super Bowl in 1990. He made the SI cover that showed him celebrating after Buffalo's imfamous Scott Norwood miss. I was happy for him, yes, but it didn't happen in Dallas like it should have. It would have been nice to have Walls come back home and finish his career there in 1992 with a ring.