Thursday, July 2, 2009

Some Cowboys Trivia

In 1981, my first year following my beloved Dallas Cowboys, the team notched 37 interceptions. I wonder what team has the most ever in a season. THIRTY SEVEN! That's unheard of. This team had it all on Offense (Danny White, Tony Dorsett, Robert Newhouse, Drew Pearson, Butch Johnson, Tony Hill, Doug Cosbie, Billy Joe Dupree, and a better than average line) and Defense, their front four of Harvey Martin, Too Tall Jones, John Dutton, and Randy White was as imposing as anyone's. Their linebackers were Mike Hegman, Bob Brunnig, Anthony Dickerson, and DD Lewis(in his final year of a 14 yr career) The secondary might not have been the fastest bunch. Guys like Dextor Clinskcale, Dennis Thurman, Michael Downs, and Everson Walls. Downs and Walls were both actually from Dallas, as was the late Harvey Martin. But the secondary sure had the sure hands for sure. Walls was a rookie that year and led the NFL with 11 interceptions and would also lead the league in picks one or two other times. Unfortunately, after being on a Super Bowl caliber team in Big D for his first few years, Walls would see the Cowboys gradually decline(1985 being the last playoff year and winning season in the Landry era) and then freefall between 1986-89. The Cowboys would rebuild and return to glory in the 1990's but by the Everson Walls had finished his career with the despised New York Giants, winning a Super Bowl in 1990. He made the SI cover that showed him celebrating after Buffalo's imfamous Scott Norwood miss. I was happy for him, yes, but it didn't happen in Dallas like it should have. It would have been nice to have Walls come back home and finish his career there in 1992 with a ring.

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Fred Goodwin said...

Most Passes Intercepted By, Season

49 San Diego, 1961
42 Green Bay, 1943
41 N.Y. Giants, 1951