Monday, November 9, 2009

Cowboys are in first and look to stay there

Well, I spoke for the Cowboys at the end of last year, which ended horrendously and embarassingly. I said "I know we're better than this" the Bill Belichek line he used after his Patriots(minus Tom Brady) got steamrolled at home by the wildcat formation and the previously lowly Miami Dolphins. With the Cowboys, I was refering to the humiliating 44-6 loss in Philadelphia to end the year. Out of the playoffs, This team was in disarray and clearly didn't even bother showing up. Flash forward just over 10 months later and we have the Cowboys going back into Philly, (the real Cowboys this time) and guess what? this time they showed up and won. They didn't allow the big play. They sacked McNabb 4 times. Won the turnover battle even, intercepting McNabb twice to Romo's one. And Romo stayed composed enough to direct the team to the win. The winning TD pass play was for 49 yards to Miles Austin(his only catch of the night-drawing double teaming) Roy Williams actual got 5 catches for 75 yards after making a statement of "dissapointment" during the past wk about not helping contribute more to the team's success. It was not a more concerted effort to get him the ball(like T.O) but it was overall a nice win. The Eagles went down with the score 20-13 Cowboys after Austin's TD and defense held them to a 52 yd field goal by Ackers that could only draw the Eagles closer at 20-16. Then the Cowboys got the ball and ran out the last 4:07 with Marion Barber's running and the clinching first down came on a swing pass to TE Jason Witten at the two minute warning. The Eagles were out of timeouts thanks to Andy Reids lost challenges and Dallas moved into sole possession of first place at 6-2. The Eagles fell to 5-3, and have to go to San Diego next wk. San Diego handed the Giants their FOURTH consectutive loss yesterday. The Cowboys go to Green Bay and then home to the struggling Redskins and then the Raiders on Thanksgiving day. I expect to win all three. And likely that would leave us at least two games up in the division race when we go into the Meadowlands and look to get even with the Giants. But let's not look too far ahead, I know. Great win. Gratifying win. This team can go places

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A showdown inm Philly

Well, after routing the Seattle Seahawks 38-17 (a virtual replay of last yrs Thanksgiving drubbing of the same team) the Dallas Cowboys stand at 5-2 after a 2-2 start. Oh, and yes the Power Rankings are still bullshit, even though the Cowboys have climed all the way up to number 8 after being ranked a ridiculous 19 before the Atlanta game. They were ranked behind teams like the Jets, 49ers, and Cardinals. And this was when they were still 3-2. So the Cowboys are ranked 8th. Guess who's ranked 9th? Philly, who's up next. Guess they think the Cowboys are a slightly better team than the Eagles even as they prepare to go to Philly this Sunday night. I like the fact that it's a Sunday night game. Just another reminder of what's at stake as if the Cowboys need another reminder. I think all that they are thinking about though they aren't publicly saying it: 44-6. That was the way the Cowboys season ended last year when the team was STILL alive for the final NFC playoff spot and just had to beat the Eagles to get in. It had been an underachieving, injury-riddled, turmoil filled year for the team almost unanimously picked to at least be in the Super Bowl at the outset. So even after all of that, the Cowboys went into Philadelphia, controlling their own destiny, to try and get into the playoffs and then as you know anything can happen. What happened is that the Cowboys never showed. Many people thought that Wade Phillips was history. There was no doubt that something HAD to happen before this season. Unfortunately, it was the departure of T.O. The reasons were a combination of him starting to show some age in 08 after still looking ageless in 07, and reportedly a divided locker room. I don't know myself, I'm just a fan but those were the TWO biggest factors in the departure of T.O. Unfortunate that it had to go that way, that he couldn't finish up in Dallas and get a ring. Meanwhile, however, this team looks like it might be showing signs of the 2007 level, maybe better because of potentially more talent, especially at the running back position. Miles Austin could very well be the number one guy. Roy Williams has yet to become the number one guy as far as numbers go. He's got the potential but maybe he's drawing double teams and Romo is just taking what the defense gives them. Patrick Crayton is still a sure handed receiver and has scored TDs on long punt returns in consecutive games. Witten and Bennett are great TE s. Roy Williams got into the end zone against Seattle but he still only had one other catch. He'll get more as time goes on. Meantime, though, Tony Romo hit ten different receivers against the Seahawks and in the last three games he has nearly 1000 yards passing, 8 TD, O INT. Keeps that up, our team will be tough to beat. He needs to play turnover free against Philly. Our defense needs to harass McNabb, and for god sakes, if you get a hand on him, make sure you bring him down! And don't let that DeSean Jackson be all alone down the sideline. Westbrook will be there too, but he won't be 100 percent. And the Eagles' D isn't as good as it was either in the secondary. Their offensive line isn't as good as it was and their defense can be pushed around. No turnovers, harass McNabb, help up top on DeSean. This Eagles team lives and DIES with the BIG PLAY. Do NOT give up the BIG PLAY! No turnovers, especially, because that means giving them a short field. Can't happen. Oh, and ask the Oakland Raiders how in the hell they shut down Philly. Another thing to remember, Philly is inconsistent. Which team will show up? You don't know. I just know that the Cowboys better show up unlike last time.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Cowboys win to move to 4-2; Giants lose again

The Cowboys are tied for first place in their division in the loss column. Today after a slow start, they ran the Atlanta Falcons down and then out 37-21. The Falcons defense looked as though they were determined to key in on the potentially potent running game of Dallas, and Romo made them pay through the air. Over 300 yards passing and 3 TDs, 2 of them to Miles Austin and one to Patrick Crayton. Crayton also returned a punt 73 yards to basically seal it in the fourth. The defense also got after Matt Ryan, the second year star of the Falcons. He was sacked four times and knocked down on many other passing attempts. He also lost a fumble on a sack and almost another fumble on another sack. He was intercepted twice. The Cowboys defense forced three turnovers. Felix Jones lost one fumble in the second quarter but Ryan then lost a fumble on a sack four plays later. On the following play after getting the ball back, Romo hit Austin on a bomb to make it 10-7 Dallas. With just seconds to go before the half ended, Romo, on second and goal from the Atlanta 5, avoided the rush, got away from another would-be tackler, pulled up and rifled a pass to a wide open Crayton in the End Zone to make it 17-7 at the half. After a couple of costly penalties on both sides of the ball allowed the Falcons to creep back in it on a TD midway through the third quarter, Romo and the Cowboys marched right back down the field with the drive ending on another TD pass to Miles Austin to make it 24-14 and pretty much slam the door on the Falcons' comeback bid. It was a great win for Dallas, who as I mentioned earlier, moved to 4-2 and tied for first in the NFC East in the loss column. And later on, the Giants lost their second in a row to the Arizona Cardinals, and at home to boot. What goes around comes around. And no more weekly picks for me. I decided to quit while ahead. Plus I'm just too biased.

Monday, October 19, 2009

When a bye week was as good as a win

How about three wins for NFC East opponents. Not to bash my team's division, but I don't root for any of them ofcourse. I also don't root for most NFC teams in the Super Bowl if the Cowboys aren't playing in it. And especially not a division rival. Two seasons ago, I was rooting for the Patriots to beat the Giants because DAMMIT ALL TO HELL that should have been Dallas (or maybe Green Bay) in that Super Bowl against Tom Brady, not those F--ing Giants. But anyways, yesterday felt like a victory for Dallas who was having their bye week. The Giants got smoked down in the Big Easy. The Eagles shockingly lost out at Oakland to the Raiders, who absolutely were dreadful the previous few weeks. And for good measure, the Redskins lost at home to the Chiefs, who were previously winless. How about that Redskin-Chiefs game? NO TOUCHDOWNS scored. Six field goals and a safety (four FGs and the safety by KC and 2 FGs by the very inept Redskin offense)total. Seriously, it felt like a win yesterday for the Cowboys who get ready for Atlanta this coming Sunday afternoon in Dallas. The Falcons are a must win in my opinion. Win that one and then we have the Seahawks coming in next. Very DoABLE. That would make us 5-2 going into the showdown in Philly on Sunday Night Nov. 8. But not to get ahead of ourselves. Atlanta is no pushover. They don't generally beat themselves anyways. They are a team we can beat and ought to beat at home. IF we lose this game at home to Atlanta, WE"RE NOT A PLAYOFF TEAM. There I said it. It's likely that Roy Williams will be back for this one. Felix Jones is practicing again so let's keep our fingers crossed on him. Our potential is enormous in my book. And for sure, on any given Sunday, anything can happen. Just ask the Philadelphia Eagles. I TOLD YOU SO about them and their inconsistencies. I think one of the most overlooked factors in today's NFL is the matter of catching someone at the right time. Can we get the Eagles at their place in three wks, at the right time. A time where we are playing well like we're capable of and the Eagles might be a little off, enough for us to go there and smoke em? I think that Denver caught us right. We were coming off of a hard fought Monday Night win and it was up in the friendly confines of Denver's Mile High Invesco Field. How will the Saints be playing when we meet them in December. I don't think we've really put it together yet. But nonetheless, our team sits at 3-2 and tied for second in the division. And the two losses were games that we let slip away. The Giants getting run out of the Superdome yesterday proved the argument that they shouldn't have left the new Cowboys stadium with a win. Come on!!! We turned it over FOUR times to their ZERO, and they only escaped by two. But the so-called experts think that the Giants are THAT much better than us. We can beat them. And we can beat them in their house just the same. And if we catch them right we WILL. However I'm off on a tangent or several for that matter. Back to this week's matchup. We are coming off a bye week, rested up, getting some injured starters back, and we're at home. There will be NO EXCUSE for our Cowboys. It's a must win. As much as yesterday FELT like a win. This next one against Atlanta, GOTTA HAVE IT!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Week 6 already?

Well it must be week 6, week of October 18. I mean the season started on Sept 13 (well actually Sept. 10 with the Steelers clash with the Titans) Speaking of the Titans, they are OH AND FIVE. A year ago they were 5-0 on their way to a 10-0 start. That's the NFL for you. Oh and another cruel twist in the NFL, the Titans are in Foxboro this week. Hello Oh and six.

PATROITS 30-17 over the Titans

SAINTS are at home and will edge the Giants 24-21. the Saints are coming off a bye week. Four of the first Five wins for the Giants came against teams with a combined record of 3-17.

The BENGALS over Houston at home-Cardiac Cats starting at 5-1 not foreseen at the outset.

JAGUARS over the Rams -Are the Rams this year's version of last years' Detroit Lions only worse? Could be.

BUCS to get their first win against Carolina, who picked up their first win last week.

EAGLES will win at Oakland. What is up with the Eagles and Giants opening up against god-awful teams. At least the Giants finally play another good team today besides the Cowboys in week 2.

ATLANTA over the Bears. I don't think the Bears can beat a good team on the road unless something happens to Matt Ryan, who's the real deal. Falcons need this one because they go to Dallas next wk.

Chiefs over the REDSKINS-Skins try to do what the Ravens did to Billick two years ago. I can see it. Remember the Ravens giving Miami their only win of the year in 07? and that was in December. Probably what sealed Billick's fate. I pity Jim Zorn. But the Redskin offense as far as scoring is concerned, is pitiful. And it's unfortunate for them considering that their defense keeps them in virually every game. Washington has allowed just 82 points so far. But they've scored only 73.

STEELERS over the Browns AGAIN
JETS over Buffalo-it's unfortunate to see what's happening in Buffalo and T.O. certainly can't be used to it.

PACKERS over the Lions

SEAHAWKS over Cardinals-home team usually wins here

Ravens to knock the VIKINGS from the ranks of the unbeaten

CHARGERS to knock the Broncos from the ranks of the unbeaten

Byes: Dallas, Indianapolis, Miami, San Francisco

Last wk record: 9-5, overall: 49-27 not bad considering the unpredictability of today's NFL

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A win's a win and the Cowboys had to have it

This past Sunday, the Dallas Cowboys outlasted the Kansas City Chiefs in overtime at Arrowhead on a chilly cloudy looking day. Playing without WR Roy Williams and RB Felix Jones, the Cowboys overcame two early turnovers that led directly to 10 pts for the Chiefs, FIFETEEN penalties, and various missed opportunities in the redzone to pull this one out. Three times the Cowboys had to settle for FGs instead of TDs in the red zone, and one of the FGs on their opening possession was shanked by the normally close to automatic Nick Folk, the third year PK out of Arizona. Miles Austin took the place of Roy Williams and looked the part of a number one wideout, catching 10 balls for an astounding 250 yards and two TDs, one in the fourth that put Dallas up 20-13, and the other to win the game in the extra overtime session. The Cowboys(3-2) were shaking cobwebs throughout most of the first three quarters, falling behind 13-3 and racking up penalties on both sides of the ball. One one drive that led to the Chiefs third quarter FG, the Cowboys D was whistled for being offsides a ridiculous FOUR times. After finally taking the lead with under three minutes to play on a 56 yard pass to Austin, the Cowboys defense, who had held down the fort throughout the game while waiting for the offense to finally get it going, gave up the tying TD drive that sent the game into overtime. And in the overtime session, the Chiefs even had two possessions including the first one on the winning coin toss. The second time they got the ball, I for one, thought that the Cowboys had lost it right there. Dallas did nothing on their first overtime possession and the shortest punt of the day by Mat McBriar, came at the worst possible time as Kansas City ended up at midfield. But the Cowboys D stopped the Chiefs from gaining a single yard much less a first down. After Patrick Crayton fair caught a punt at his own 21, the Cowboys began the winning march or sprint if you want to call it that. Choice ran for 16 yards. He and Marion Barber got the ball to midfield on the next couple of plays before Flozell Adams was called for holding and backed the team up 10 yards to their own 40. And then Romo connecfed to Austin for what appeared at first to be a 10 yarder to get the holding yardage back. He then shook a tackle and sprinted away from everyone down the Joyous Cowboys sideline to the end zone. The Chiefs are still winless at 0-5. And ofcourse the Cowboys need to be a lot better than this. But they DID win and head into their bye week, hoping to get healthy and ready for some more consistency. Atlanta is next in Dallas on Oct. 25. Cowboys can still get better and definitely need to. If they played the Eagles, Saints, or Giants right now, the result might not be pretty. That said, they should have beaten the Giants three weeks ago at home and let the Denver game get away. Those are good teams yet people want to make them out to be WAY better than the Cowboys. I don't think they are a lot better than the Cowboys potentially. This team is one that could get a lot better as the season goes on. But the penalties and turnovers can team up to kill you. And this team has a lot of ironing out to do. It's not a question of what they're capable of. It just could go either way as it stands now. I know one thing for sure. Had they not won this last one, they might not be recovering from it. But they did what a good team does even when they play a below average game. They still won. They knew they had to have it, when it mattered most anyways. So a bye week comes at more ideal time than the one last year, which didn't come until week 10.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Picks for week 5

Last week I got the teams with a bye week mixed up. It was Philly, Arizona, Atlanta, and Carolina. I had said Houston but was wrong about that one. However I DID wind up picking them to beat Oakland which they did. Last week's record for me was STILL 10-4 despite being wrong about my Cowboys. They are 2-2 but easily could be 4-0. But it is what it is: a long season with still a LOT of football left to be played. That said, I can hardly believe we're already into week FIVE!

So let's start with the picks for the week. Oh, first off, the byes for the week are: Chicago, Green Bay, New Orleans, and San Diego

So let's start with my beloved Cowboys, who so far have been inconsistent and injury prone just like in 2008.

Cowboys at the winless Kansas City Chiefs- The Cowboys have a bye week coming up which hopefully will be sufficient enough time to get WR Roy Williams, RB Felix Jones, and CB Gerald Sensebaugh back healthy for Atlanta on the 25th. Plus others who haven't played yet this year who hopefully will be ready to play and contribute by the time the team entertains the Falcons at home in two weeks. The Chiefs of the last three weeks probably aren't much to worry about. The Cowboys should still have enough to get by which is what they're obviously hoping to do with their bye next week. Just hope the Chiefs of week one (when they gave Baltimore somewhat of a scare) don't show up this sunday. Cowboys need this one because the Giants and Eagles each have, at least on paper, easy opponents this week. COWBOYS 27-14.

Oakland at NY Giants-Manning questionable because of a mild achilees heel problem or something like that. However regardless, David Carr has starting experience if needed. The Raiders are bad again. And it's at the meadowlands. I want the Raiders ofcourse, but I know I'm begging here. GIANTS (too many components)28-10.

Tampa Bay at Philadelphia-Bucs winless, though it looked like they might pick up their first win at Washington last week. Since that didn't happen, how are they going to beat Philly? Be nice, but again, I'm begging again. EAGLES 34-17

Pittsburgh at Detroit-Steelers clearly aren't going to get away with a pedestrian offense and leave the rest to their defense like last year. Last year's team probably sits at 4-0 right now with what they DID get away with then that they aren't getting away with this year. Big Ben has been solid in their two wins. Lions are off of the winless talks and improved. The uncertainty at the QB with the status on Matt Stafford certainly doesn't help their chances. Expect the Steelers to grind one out this one. But just showing up probably isn't enough. STEELERS 27-17

Cincinnati at Baltimore-the Bengals are a fluke play away from being unbeaten. Then again, the Steelers gave one away against them as well. Bengals will find the going tough in Baltimore. The Ravens are good and the Bengals have been either lucky or unlucky. Ravens are just a better team period. RAVENS 30-17

Washington at Carolina-somehow the Skins are 2-2 with their inept offense. They've scored 56 pts in their first 4 games total. Their defense keeps them in it every week. The Panthers are winless though they looked like they improved each week after their week one debacle. And they're at home and coming off a bye. PANTHERS 20-14

The rest:

Cleveland at Buffalo-BILLS 21-14

Minnesota at St. Louis-Vikings 33-14

Atlanta at San Francisco-FALCONS 23-20

Houston at Arizona-CARDS 28-21

New England at Denver-PATS 20-17 (bubble burst in Denver?)

Jacksonville at Seattle-JAGS 23-17

Indy at Tennesee-COLTS 31-17

NY Jets at Miami-J E T S JETS 26-17

Last wk 10-4 Overall: 40-22

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Pro Picksfor week 4

My picks for week 4 are as follows:

INDY over Seattle- seahawks in for another long year with more injuries

CHICAGO over Detroit-Lions have improved but Bears are at home

WASHINGTON over Tampa Bay-Bucs seem to be getting worse by the week.

NY Giants over KANSAS CITY-Chiefs are rebuilding and the schedule is tough

NY Jets over NEW ORLEANS-Jets in a minor upset

Dallas over DENVER-Cowboys win a close one if they don't turn it over

PITTSBURGH over San Diego-Steelers need this one after blowing the last two

MINNESOTA over Green Bay-Vikings at home. Favre beats his old team. Next mtg more interesting in four wks at Lambeau

Cincinnati over CLEVELAND-the browns are the worst team in the NFL

NEW ENGLAND over Baltimore-Patriots in a close one since they're at home

Buffalo over MIAMI-tough luck Dolphins lose three fairly close games to good teams and now their QB is gone for the year and that will be tough to overcome

SAN FRANCISCO over St. Louis-Rams are the second worst team in the NFL

Tennessee over JACKSONVILLE-Titans get in the win column after three close gut wrenching losses

BYES for this week: Philadelphia, Houston, Carolina, Atlanta (already time for byes? we just started!)

Last weeks record: 11-5 . Overall record: 30-18

Monday, September 28, 2009

Cowboys move to 2-1

Under any circumstances, a win is a win. But here it was in the fourth quarter, with a little more than five minutes left, and the game still hung in the balance 13-7 for Dallas. The Cowboys had dominated much of the game, missing a couple of chances in the first half, and trailed 7-0 at halftime. Then Dallas had to kick off to start the second half, and the defense forced four consecutive three and outs. The Offense finally got untracked but had to settle for two FGs on drives that absolutely should have resulted in touchdowns. Marion Barber, who pulled his quad in the previous game, was held out of this one(he should be back next wk) And Felix Jones, had nearly 100 yards tonight on EIGHT carries, took the last quarter or so off with a tweaked Knee(hopefully doesn't miss time, or maybe just one game) And the third string back Tashard Choice had run for over 80 yards and scored the go-ahead TD in the third quarter. But now, after getting the ball back with the 13-7 lead, the Cowboys had been on the march yet again, and were chewing up the clock in the process when Romo was called for a somewhat questionable intentional grounding penalty to throw a monkey wrench in the drive that even a FG this time would put the game at 16-7 , at least making it a two score game. So the Panthers forced us to kick for (I believe) the only time in the second half and had the ball at the 10 still within a TD. They'd hardly even had the ball in the second half. Dallas had amassed over 200 yards on the ground for the 2nd straight week. Our offense hadn't turned it over. And it was STILL only 13-7 Dallas with 5:07 to go when safety Terrence Newman made the play of the evening, stepping inside of WR Steve Smith, intercepting it, and outrunning him to the end zone to slam the door on Carolina's final attempt. WHEW! OKay, we have a tough one next week at Denver. Denver is off to a 3-0 start. We SHOULD be 3-0 too but we're not. The Broncos were supposed to be not very good this year. But their defense has improved after being awful the past few years. Their offense has been mistake free and efficient. So it's a good thing for our team so that we don't over look them. Tonight, the Cowboys were plus THREE in turnovers. And we recorded THREE sacks. I hope that's an indication and not an abberation. We do that some more, we're right there with anyone in the National Football League. But although our offense didn't turn it over tonight and Romo was great, we DID leave 11 points on the field. Translation, this game tonight should have wound up being a blowout. Nick Folk missed one that he normally would make in his sleep in the first quarter but maybe if Romo doesn't get sacked on the initial drive of the game, Folk isn't even attempting that one because it's a TD instead. And then the two that Folk hit later, were extra points. Two pass plays at the One yard line failed. Should have ran it in on that third down one. That's the one that put us only up 13-7. Before that, the intial drive of the second half, actually had Choice intially being called in for the TD on the sideline with a Romo swing pass but it was overturned, down at the one. Then after failing to get in in on the next down, it brought up a fourth down at the one foot line. And a backup TE on us was called for a false start, forcing us to kick a FG and still trail 7-3. But after our defense stopped the Panthers cold again, our offense finally put in in the end zone with Choice. That put Dallas ahead to stay at 10-7. Good win, a step in the right direction. It doesn't make up for last week but it's a building block anyways. But going to Denver is never easy. It will be all about having composure. Especially if we fall behind in the early going. It's probably a good thing that Denver IS 3-0, as I've stated earlier, the better to take them seriously.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

What needs to change for a better end result

First off, on my picks, I am 10-5 with tomorrow nights Cowboys game hosting Carolina pending. I was 11-5 in my first week and 8-8 last week. Tomorrow night, a win by the Cowboys puts my overall record at 30-18. Okay, now that's out of the way. That said, I know that the Cowboys have yet to play tomorrow night with everyone else in the NFL having week 3 in the books. But the alarming stat lines after two weeks have to change or else it's 2008 all over again. This team is more together and more focused in lots of areas. But if 2009 trend continues, it's just a continuation of last year. And last year, 2008, we led the NFL in sacks. What caught up to us was being minus whatever the whole year on turnovers. Just a few games that our team even WON the turnover battle or at least didn't lose it. From that standpoint it's amazing that the team was 9-7 with three or four blown games. There were a couple of really bad games where the team didn't even take the field so to speak. But then there were the ones that got away (the first mtg with Washington, Arizona, Pittsburgh, Baltimore) Anyways, after two games, we are minus 4 in turnovers, at the very least that has to stop on our offensive part. And NO sacks. How that is, is baffling. I DO expect to start getting to the QB, and our offense won't turn it over usually more than once a game. We can live with that. But imagine if our defense also starts forcing turnovers. It seems as though all of those things have been happening lately for the Giants for example. The Giants are plus a bunch already in turnovers but only won by six over the Redskins at home, and beat our Cowboys by 2 despite being PLUS 4 in turnovers. So a couple of games that the GMEN could've lost without them benefitting from turnovers. I guess for the Cowboys, the bottom line is, that it's THERE FOR THE TAKING. They take care of the Football first and foremost, they usually win. But if actually winning the turnover battle were to start happening, you can only imagine. This team needs to win. But in order for that to happen, the pass rush needs to start sacking, because without any sacks, the secondary will get lit up. Anytime there isn't enough pressure on a QB, or at least if he isn't taken down for a loss once in a while, the more vulnerable a secondary becomes. And it leaves our offense that much less margin for error. Hopefully things start to change on all of that tomorrow.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Looking Ahead

Well, the Cowboys dissappointed in that they lost a game that they should have won. It was at home. And it was against the G--dmnd Giants. Four turnovers, three INT and a fumble on a kickoff gave the Giants a chance at the end. They needed every turnover that Dallas made. 33-31 with that winning FG as time expired. So the official first game for the Cowboys in their new digs is in the books, and unlike 1971, this time we lose. I just hate losing to the Giants. The Eagles. And the Redskins. Hopefully we can rebound this week against Carolina. We should. I know one thing: If we don't help them out, there is no doubt. This last one against the Giants should have been 34-20 Dallas. But what's done is done. Oh, the other concern besides turnovers and creating them on defense. Sacks. Zero for the Cowboys in two games. We get to Manning usually at least 4 times a game and we don't bring him down once. At least with him still holding the football. I know our guys were close on several occassions. They didn't get to Romo either but the three picks let a Giants team that we otherwise have over a ledge, off the hook. And it's really getting old. The list of "should have won" games keeps getting longer since 2005, the year the Cowboys became what you consider at least a good team. Not a great team. I good team, one that has averaged 10 wins a yr starting with that year. But all of those ones that were blown or botched. The list keeps getting longer. And Romo has stated that he's aware of the team's potential and that he wasn't up to their level this past Sunday. Oh, back to the pass rush. How in the world don't we sack Byron Leftwich? Yeah we won that game but against the Giants, if you don't bring down Eli AND you turn it over 4 times, you usually lose. Against ANYONE for that matter. But like I said, what's done is done. So it's time to move on to this week. And with that I will post my picks for the week starting this time with my beloved Dallas Cowboys on Monday Night.

Panthers at Cowboys-No way this team starts out 0-2 in their new digs. Especially after all of the mistakes and points that they gave to the Giants and STILL win if the defense sacks Manning a couple of times. I look for them to finally bust through against Jake Dehlome. Dallas has flat out owned the Panthers in the regular season (7-1 all time if I'm not mistaken) and this is a regular season game in Big D and the Panthers are 0-2. Make that 0-3. Dallas could probably turn it over 4 times against them and still win because the Panthers will likely turn it over regardless. Look for the Cowboys and Romo to bounce back. COWBOYS (minus turnovers) 31-17

and the rest will be as follows (home team in CAPS)

RAVENS over Browns
RAIDERS over Broncos
LIONS over Redskins
NY JETS over Titans
CHARGERS over Dolphins
Steelers over BENGALS
PATRIOTS over Falcons
SEAHAWKS over Bears
BILLS over Saints
VIKINGS over 49ers
EAGLES over Chiefs-hope I'm wrong ofcourse
Colts over CARDS
Jags over TEXANS
Packers over RAMS
BUCS over Giants-upset special

Monday, September 14, 2009

opening week almost in the books-Cowboys win their opener

Well as for my picks, I'm 9-5 pending tonights' two games. That's Buffalo at New England and Oakland at San Diego. One of the games that I got right was my Cowboys, although I predicted a modest 24-14 game, it turned out to be higher scoring, not as high as the 45-35 win over the Giants in the opener two years ago but it seemed like that in the fourth quarter with both teams scoring 14. But since the Cowboys were up 20-7 to start the fourth, it added up to a 34-21 win. Romo's 353 yards were actually a career high for him. That broke his previous high of 345 that he threw in that aforementioned 2007 opener against the hated G-men, who are NEXT, on Sunday night in the new Cowboys' Stadium. In this game the Bucs got a late window dressing TD against a relaxed Cowboy Defense in the closing minutes. For all intents and purposes, the 80 yard TD to Patrick Crayton that put Dallas up 27-14, ended things. Romo also hit Miles Austin late in the first half with a 42 yd TD when the Cowboys briefly trailed 7-6. Leading 13-7 at the half, Dallas was ahead to stay. Next wk, the Giants come to town and our defense must stop the run. Do that, I think, we win.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Pro Picks for week one

Alright, I want to see how I actually fare and I WILL stack my picks up against the so-called experts. I will post my record for this week when I make my week 2 picks and so-on, including my overall. You know, last wks record, and my overall record. So here for week one:

THURSDAY NIGHT Sept 10-Tennessee at Pittsburgh-the traditional Thursday Night opener played earlier tonight is already in the books with the Steelers having to go to overtime in a 13-10 victory over the Titans. The Steelers should have won it in regulation with under two minutes to play. That's when Big Ben hit a wide open Hines Ward at the Titan 20 with the score tied at 10. Ward proceeded to twist and turn and muscle his way inside the 10 and then the 5 when a Titans defender came from behind and punched the ball loose as Ward continued to fight towards the goal line resulting in a fumble recovery for Tennessee. The Steelers then won the toss, went right back to work and on first down from about the 15, PK Josh Reed was sent in to nail a perfect 32 yard FG for the win. I had picked the Steelers TO WIN earlier, predicting it to be 23-17. So I am 1-0 so far.

Jacksonville at Indianapolis- the Jags are coming off a dissappointing year. The Colts, after a slow start last year, particularly Peyton Manning, reeled off nine straight to finish with 12 wins, six straight years with at least that many wins. Then they have to go to San Diego as a wild-card, because Tennessee actually won the AFC South, to play the 8-8 AFC West division winning Chargers. They lost in overtime. This time Manning gets off to a better start, the Jags don't go 5-11 again this year but Indy is a superior team no matter what direction you tilt this picture.
COLTS 31-17

Detroit at New Orleans-will there be a rerun of last December when Brees carved up the winless Lions 42-7? Naw, only 35-14 SAINTS this time around. 18 straight L s and counting for Detroit.

Philadelphia at Carolina-I will pick a minor upset in this one. PANTHERS 24-20 because they are at home.

N.Y. Jets at Houston- Texans are at home so I'll go with the TEXANS 27-21

Kansas City at Baltimore- Will Baltimore continue the good bad good bad trend they seem to have going refering to how they are year in and year out? Well, I don't see them losing to KC at home to start things off at least. Flacco is expected to probably post somewhat more gaudy numbers this year. RAVENS 30-13

Denver at Cincinnati-It's going to be a long year in the mile high city. And since they are on the road, yes it's the Bengals, but and Carson Palmer is reportedly healthy, I like the BENGALS 28-17

Minnesota at Cleveland-finally we get to see Favre in a real game in Purple. Who would have thought. It's not beyond the realm of possibility that the Vikings, if number 4 holds up, could have something similiar seasonwise to the Packers of 2007. VIKINGS 34-20

Miami at Atlanta- Miami won't duplicate last year's 11-5 suprise. Not with a tougher schedule and with Tom Brady back in Foxboro, and with a possible improvement in Buffalo. Atlanta will be hard pressed to go 11-5 again as well. Look at the track record. Never made the playoffs in consectutive years in their history. Hard to believe. But I like Matt Ryan and the FALCONS 27-20 at home.

Washington at N.Y. Giants- so far I've picked the home team in each game. Now I'm going to go with a slight upset again to another NFC East contender. Well, unless it's a tie, an NFC East team will lose for sure on Sunday. How will it taste to see both the Eagles and Giants 0-1 to start. Haynesworth to make a difference for the Redskins. Eli Manning still has a tendency to stink it up once in a while like the last month of last year. And no more Plaxico Burress and Amani Toomer. It will be evident. Manning makes a couple of costly mistakes. The REDSKINS steal one 24-19.

San Francisco at Arizona-the Cards start off at home with a win over the 49ers. Kurt Warner is still around and starting at that. CARDINALS 31-21

St. Louis at Seattle-SEAHAWKS 28-21 at home

Chicago at Green Bay-I look for Aaron Rodgers to outplay Jay Cutler at Lambeau Field. Let's go with the PACKERS 30-17

Dallas at Tampa Bay-I've said all I need to say ofcourse about Dallas. They have a chance to get off really well this year. And winning will only become more contagious if you start out in .the win column. Simply put the Cowboys win if they don't help the Bucs out. Romo looks to be more efficient and more of a leader. Pencil him in for 30 plus TD again and see the INTs dip maybe into the lower teens. COWBOYS 24-14 then let's bring in the Giants in the home opener

MONDAY NIGHT actually has two games to start off with

Buffalo at New England-Bills are expected to be improved. T.O. will be interesting to say the least. I still am a little shocked that he won't be finishing his career in BIG D afterall. Unfortunately they have to start out at Foxboro. PATRIOTS 31-20 for their 12th consectutive win over Buffalo.

San Diego at Oakland-another division clash and another rivalry that's been lopsided as of late. Raiders might be the second best team in this division. Somebody's got to be second. Even if it 's a DISTANT second. CHARGERS 37-14

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Cowboys must be the ones to prove the naysayers wrong

They are saying all the right things. They are also saying how they relish the role of non-favorites and being under the radar. A year ago the Cowboys were anything but under the radar. And anything but underdogs. But after last year's failure to even get into the playoffs after being almost unanimously picked to at least be in the Super Bowl, it's basically turned into a "show me" deal. Everyone knows the talent level on this team. It's just that noone is sold on it until it happens. It's like, "okay, we were sold on them last year but they made us all look bad by their underachieving. So this year let's make them earn our approval" This is what the experts are saying this time around. Okay, so the only ones obviously who can change the "expert" opinions are the Dallas Cowboys themselves. They have their opportunities to shut up the Marshall Faulks and the Trent Dilfers out there. And the John Claytons of the world. Mark my words this team, playing up to their full potential, can beat anyone. But they could lose to anyone too. It can go either way. Injuries are part of the game but they did have something to do with last year's dissappointment. What happens if there aren't injuries to Marion Barber, Felix Jones, Tony Romo, Terrence Newman, Mat McBriar, Kyle Kosier, Miles Austin, Sam Hurd, and Jason Witten? All of those people missed time last year, most of them at least a few games. Witten didn't miss any starts but was hampered late in the season when the team collapsed. Romo literally collapsed in the locker room shower after that tank job finale in Philly due to very sore ribs. That right there sums up the 2008 season. I remember how shocked I was still on New Year's Eve a couple of days after that last game. How I couldn't believe that New Year's was dawning, and the Cowboys year was already over. They are the only ones who can change people's minds. Their schedule in the first half of the year, in my opionion, is favorable. At least the first seven games before their first meeting with the Eagles. They get the Giants, Falcons, and Panthers at home. Their road games at Tampa Bay, Denver, and Kansas City are games that they ought to win simply because those teams range from awful to average at best. They also get the Chargers at home later on. The Raiders on Turkey Day. It's a more favorable schedule than last year. Plus their bye week is much earlier this time around. Just saying. If they don't prove the Naysayers wrong this year then I will use the cop out "I'm USED to it"

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Preseason is B.S.

Preseason is like a horrible tasting appetizer that you only eat because you're starving and it's still a bit of a wait for the main course(regular season) I mean how else do you sit through the Colts losing to the Lions and the Cowboys dropping one at home in their new stadium to the Niners? Or the Giants losing to the Jets? I know it's dumb to be sitting here all mad just because your team lost a meaningless scrimmage. Except that you know that it's just something dumb that we have to sit through every year at this time. I guess if you hate it so bad, and I do, that we should just skip it all together and not even talk about it. Romo looked fine for a half again and the team was winning rather easily at the half. Roy Williams sat out with a jammed shoulder. He should be ready to go on Sept. 13 though. It may have only been 10-3 but Romo threw an interception, costing the team at least another 3 points if not 7. And another time they settled for a FG when it should have been seven for sure. Come on no excuse for not punching it in after having first and goal at the five! PK Nick Folk kicked his two gimme field goal attempts although both times those drives should have been TDs (come on, the two kicks were from 19 yards out and 26 yards out respectively) Jon Kitna, Romo's backup, lost the game for his team in the second half. He got off to a cold start and then he fumbled in the late going, with the Cowboys still ahead. It was scrubs on scrubs in the second half when the "scrubboys" got outscored by the "scrubbyniners" 17-3. So it was 20-13 the final score. The Niners starters were shut down by the Cowboys starters in the first half. Dallas totally dominated and should have been up 17-3 or even 21-3 possibly instead of 10-3. And now the preseason finale next week will be scrubs on scrubs for probably the entire game. So one more week of BS before the real season starts. But once the real season starts, Romo has NO MORE excuses. He is Mr. "Hasn't Won the Big One Yet" But if he fails to get the team a playoff win at least this year he will be Mr. "Can't win the Big One' I know it's unfair to come down on Romo, he's still only going to be starting his third full season in the NFL. He is, afterall 4-1 as a starter against Eli Manning. (the one loss being that playoff botch) and Eli Manning, is 0-3 for his career in playoff games if you take away that unheralded run he and the Giants had two seasons ago. But the fact is, Manning could and and even MAY never win another playoff game EVER and everyone will still remember that one playoff run that he DID have. Was it a fluke? More than likely, but he'll still take it. And Wade Phillips, god bless him, but if he might not still be the Head Man in some of the other organizations. I mean Marty Shottenheimer guided the Chargers to a 14-2 record in 2006 and was shown the door after the team choked their divisional playoff game at home to the Patriots. A year later Coach Phillips lost a game in Dallas in the same situation as Shottenheimer did. The Cowboys of 2oo7 were not a lot different than the Chargers of the year before. They had a great regular season, a gaudy record, and the lost a game they should have won at home to send that great season up in smoke. And Guess who was on BOTH of those staffs? Wade Phillips. He was the defensive coordinator on that Charger team in 06 and the head coach on Dallas a year later. And then the Cowboys suffered a dissappointing year where they didn't even get in in 08. It was similiar to the Chargers of 05 when the went 8-8 and missed after a good season the year before. This is it for Wade Phillips this year. God Bless him but he's history after this upcoming season if the team misfires again. And he will probably never be a head coach again either if that's the case. I mean Shottenheimer, who HAD won some playoff games, just never reached the Super Bowl, may not be coaching in the NFL ranks again. I mean this will be his third year without being a head coach. That's the longest that he's been out of the coaching ranks since he first started as Cleveland's head man in the mid 1980s. The old Cleveland Browns, who became the Baltimore Ravens in 1996. Wade Phillips has won NO playoff games as a head coach. Sadly, he should have at least two wins. He was on the losing end of the "music city miracle" as the Buffalo Bills head coach. He and the Bills were robbed in that one. I don't consider that to be one of the greatest plays or NFL "moments" ever mind you. There was an illegal forward lateral in it. EVERYONE saw it and can point it out whether you want to admit that or not. He lost that aforementioned game to their division rival Giants, after having done them TWICE during the regular season. He lost the one playoff game he was in with Denver in 1993 to the Raiders when they were still in LA. The Raiders haven't won many playoff games since their last Super Bowl triumph a quarter of a century ago. And were it not for the Gannon years and Jon Gruden, the Raiders would be in an even more serious, long suffering drought. One thing is for certain: the cowboys haven't won any playoff games in what now is 13 years. So being a Cowboys fan, I might have to say that I'm used to it, if they fail again this time around. But right now, until the season finally gets started on Sept. 13 (actually except for the one game on Thurs night Sept. 10) we're stuck in this BS preseason crap.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Halfway thru the preseason-is NIck Folk looking over his shoulder?

It's the preseason ofcourse where it's meaningless technically. Except some jobs being tried and won. The Cowboys have split their first two games, losing at Oakland (we'll get them on Turkey Day!) where starters that DID play only played a series. They played their starters more like a half at home against Tennessee, which produced a 14-10 lead at halftime and the backups went on to pitch a 16-0 shutout in the second half for a 30-10 win. Okay, big deal. Preseason. And yes, it was at the new stadium this time. The concern I have right now isn't the production of the Cowboys offense. They look rather sharp. Romo is rather sharp, like hitting seven diffeent targets on Friday night. But PK Nick Folk looks a bit shaky. The Cowboys drafted PK David Bueller from USC to do kickoffs. Folk is still the FG man. But he missed a gimmie 36 yarder against the Raiders and a 49 yarder against the Titans, his only attempt. So he's only 1-3 in the preseason. Just a small concern since it's only the preseason. But we need Folk. He's been pretty automatic since we got him two years ago out of Arizona. I REALLY wish we'd had him back in 2005, when the Cowboys lost 4 games because of kicking woes which could have stretched what was a 9-7 record to, say, 12-4 or 13-3. We need both of these kickers. For some reason Nick Folk has been mediocre when it comes to kicking off but not Field goals. He's 46-53 in two years when it's actually counted. You can't do much better than that. That's about 88 percent. So hopefully he'll get untracked by the time the real season starts.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Now I'm starting to get excited

Well, we're into August now and NFL training camps are underway and in full swing. I am going to go out on a limb and make my own NFC Forecast. Ofcourse I am biased towards my Cowboys. Gotta b. They're my team. And right now, they have the most talent. Talent told in 2007 when they ran off with the conference's number one seed. Then they choked ofcourse, kind of self-inflicted. Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson were a thing about midway or so thru the 2007 season, and the Cowboys were playing Super Bowl calibre football. But once everyone caught wind of it and started tagging it so to speak, it seemed as though his performance dipped some in the last month as the Cowboys went 2-2 but still held on to the number one seed and ofcourse easily won their division. In 2008, high expectations and key injuries, injuries that noone else in the NFL could afford either, turned the season into a bickering fest and a very underachieving 9-7 record and no playoffs. In fact, they still would've been in the playoffs had the won their last game, but didn't even bother showing up, as we all know. Now, T.O. is gone and the team is thinking team. And YOKO ROMO (Jessica Simpson) is also off the radar. Tony Romo is now the unquestioned leader of this team and he has taken steps this off season to show it by dumping the bimbo, a year late, but better than never, and pretty much not saying much this offseason. One thing he hasn't EVER done is make excuses. And he won't make any. And he knows there won't BE any if the team doesn't bounce back and win, I don't know, a playoff game or two or so on perhaps. This team has weapons on offense, and defense, and special teams. The only question marks are Roy Williams playing up to his capabilities to fill in the void left by T.O., the depth of the offensive line, and the head coach. It's now or never for Wade Phillips. Mike Shanahan will be in Big D a year from now, if the team doesn't finally cash something in. So now I start with the NFC East.

1. Dallas (13-3) schedule opens up I think, very favorably for the Cowboys much like 2007. More talent still than the others. If they really DO play as a team, look the hell out
2. Eagles (10-6) If it weren't for McNabb and Westbrook, this team isn't very good. As it is Philly is inconsistent. They got on a hot streak late and got some help too, getting into the playoffs. But somehow you knew that they weren't going to pull off the same feat as the Giants did the year before. McNabb and Westbrook MUST stay healthy for this team to be a factor. If not, no way.
3. Giants(9-7) the honeymoon after their "come from nowhere" Super Bowl run is over. They don't do that without Michael Strahan(retired) Amani Toomer(now with the Chiefs) and Plaxico Burress(released and could be headed for the hole for that loaded unregistered weapon charge) This team will have to rely on defense, getting Osi Umenyiora back will help, and the running game. Manning hasn't shown really that he can adapt with a completely new set of receivers. That is a BIG question mark. And Brandon Jacobs can pound away but he also gets dinged. He receives as much punishment as or more than he dishes out. The loss of defensive coordinator John Spagnolo doesn't help either. The key to the Giants winning will be holding opponents to under 20 a game and trying to play keep away on offense.
4. Redskins (8-8) defense and special teams will keep this team in almost every game. But offensively, the receivers are fast but small and there isn't a genuine triggerman. Another team that will need to hold opponents to under 20 to have a chance to win. They aren't going to outscore you

NFC Central

1. Minnesota-(10-6) they didn't get Favre afterall or else there wouldn't be any questions about who would rule this division. However, defense and the running game will be enough to outpoint the others in this division.
2. Chicago- (8-8) Jay Cutler is only 17-20 so far in his career as a starting QB. And he had more talent on his side of the ball to work with in Denver than in the windy city. The Bears defense isn't what it was a few years ago. They also gave up a lot to get Cutler so the improvements of this team over the next couple of years could be hampered somewhat. It will be a long year in Denver but the draft picks they got from the Cutler trade will benefit them afterwards. In Chicago, different story line maybe, but same ending result. Mediocre.
3. Green Bay(8-8) Aaron Rodgers will have a decent year but this is a mediocre team as well. They played above their heads for the most part in 2007 and still had #4.
4. Detroit (2-14) The Lions won't go 0-16 again but they also aren't going to completely reverse fortunes overnight either.

NFC South-very unpredictable division.

1. Atlanta (10-6) Matt Ryan reminds me perhaps of Troy Aikman, team wins more gaudy than his actual individual stats.
2. Carolina(8-8) The Panthers were a suprise last year, probably the most mediocre 12-4 team of all time. Sneaking up on people not going to be the case this year.
3. New Orleans(7-9) They'll score in bunches and they'll surrender in bunches.
4. Tampa Bay (6-10) I'm picking the Bucs to go last this year in the south. If they stil had Jeff Garcia, I'd probably think a little different. And now new head coach as well.

NFC West

1. Arizona (11-5) can this team do win on the road. They DID the one time they really had to in the playoffs against Carolina. Warner did the right thing in staying. Or I should say the organization did the right thing in keeping Warner. He's 38 now and still has a couple of good years left if he can avoid injury. The offense will put points up. The defense is improving. They will benefit from a weak division again
2. 49ers (8-8) still a ways to go but improving. I think they should stick with Shaun Hill at QB
And the drafting of Michael Crabtree at WR will be quite interesting. The defense still needs a lot of work.

3. Seahawks (6-10) rebuilding. It's amazing how fast a team can decline just a few years after being in the Super Bowl. Such as the case for the NFL of today

4. Rams (4-12) a long ways to go for this team. They are rebuilding from the ground up.

In the playoffs, i will just go on a limb and say that the Cowboys will get their first playoff win since 1996. Once that monkey is off theirs and Romo's back, they will then outlast the Cardinals in a shootout in the new Cowboys Stadium. Like 1971, the year I was born, the Cowboys will hosting and winning the NFC Championship game at a new stadium.


3. Giants-with Toomer and Burress gone, this team will have to run the ball more and the defense will have to hold opponents to under 20. I think last season's late collapse may carry over
4. Redskins-decent defense. Average offense. This could be Jason Campbell's swan song.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Predictions by "Experts'

They'll be wrong again about Dallas, just like they were last year. This year they are acknowledging that they have the most talent at least in their division but I see second and third place predicted orders of finish. Well, it's based on what happened last year and the fact that Wade Phillips is still the coach. Last year, based on their 13 win 2007, they were almost unanimous favorites to at least be in the Super Bowl. Well, the so-called experts don't know anything more than you or I do, as I stated earlier. And it shouldn't bother me really except that in one NFl preview magazine, they predicted that they'd miss the playoffs altogether, finish third in their division and here's the kicker........Bears make the playoffs. UH HUH, and the Cowboys don't. Somebody's lost their minds there. What are you kidding me? If Dallas doesn't make the playoffs, there's no way Chicago does. NO WAY Chicago gets in regardless. They suck. They have no receivers and Jay Cutler is 17-20 as a starter and that was with a much more talented offensive group. The Bears may have a decent defense but even that side of the ball is a far cry from 2005-06. And the offense will continue to struggle. The Bears, if they're lucky, go 9-7. That's probably doesn't get them in unless the NFC North stinks it up this year and the Bears win the division going 8-8 or 9-7. But NO WAY they get in to the playoffs and Dallas doesn't. That would be like Arkansas being ranked and Georgia being unranked. That's like the Clippers making the playoffs and the Lakers missing

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Someone with very little class

I Hate this guy anyway because he plays for the New York Giants. But the fact of the matter is that guys like Eli Manning, Amani Toomer(though he's no longer there, released earlier this year) Michael Strahan(retired but still somewhat biased towards his former team) Jason Tuck, at least have some class. But big bruising fullback Brandon Jacobs, has shown me that he hasn't got much if any. First of all, first things first, since he came into the league, the Giants are 4-5 against Dallas(including that playoff upset) so we've beaten him and his team our FAIR share of times enough that he ought to not be popping off about Romo, and oh yeah, DUH, he doesn't even play defense to be running smack about a quarterback unless it's his own. Eli Manning has CLASS, okay, but he has just as many flaws as, if not more than, Romo. I haven't forgotten about how he slammed the football against a playclock when scoring a TD, and they don't call him for delay of game but everytime Ocho Cinco or T.O. celebrate without showing their ASSES, and they're hit with unsportsmanlike delay of game penalties. And now just the other day about Romo not being effective when staying in the pocket. He's had some of his better games against your defense Brandon "Big Fat Mouth" Jacobs. Let's see in five starts against the Giants, Romo is 4-1 with the one loss again being that upset in the playoffs in Jan. 2008. Even if you include that loss in there, with Romo against the G-men, the Cowboys average 27 pts. And Jacobs kind of play has him missing a handful of games here and there. Sure he punishes but he is no Bo Jackson in terms of athletic ability and his career, at the rate things are going, isn't going to last much longer. So a guy who probably won't be in the NFL(MARK MY WORDS) in five years to be popping off about an opposing teams QB is ludicrous. Shut your damned piehole. I'm telling you right now. Romo will get his and in five years, he'll still be around and Brandon Jacobs won't.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

News and Sports in the meantime

Wow! there is quite a lineup of figures who have passed away in less than two weeks. Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett, Michael Jackson"king of pop", Billy Mays, and now, from the NFL ranks, Steve McNair. Ed McMahon died of older age, more something towards Natural Causes, while Fawcett lost her valiant battle with Cancer, Michael Jackson appears to have died of an pain medication overdose, Billy Mays to a sudden cardiac arrest related to heart disease. Steve McNair was murdered. And very troubling and unfortunate for his family members, friends, former teammates, and fans, is that he was having an extramarital affair with a young 20 year old, also found dead at the scene. Maybe a lovers quarrel, or murder suicide. Maybe a bizarre love triangle. A semi-automatic rifle was found underneath the female victim. McNair had apparently been seeing this young female for the past several months while still married with four sons. It's sad, tragic, and twisted all at once. This is tragic like, say Len Bias. Something that could've been avoided. Steve McNair paid the price. Awful news to say the least.

Lance Armstrong has begun his comeback in the Tour De France. If he wins, it will be amazing, considering he's almost 38 and had retired after winning his seventh straight tour in 2005. If he doesn't win, there will be all of the naysayers that will wonder why he retired and then came back after four years. Why didn't he just come back and win it once or twice more in 2006, 2007, and then call it a career. But if he wins, will he then come back next year or will this be it? I know that if he doesn't win, he won't be back for sure. It's the only reason, I confess, why i'm tuning into the tour. Here's a guy, my same age, who has just the most amazing story, beating cancer, and then winning SEVEN straight Tour de Frances. And maybe 10 straight had he kept going. That would have happpened last year. Does he still have what it takes to win? After a four year hiatus? I honestly believe that he wouldn't be doing it if HE didn't think he could. I also believe, firmly, that as long as he stays in the mix up until his strength stages that come in the final 1/3 of the tour, that he'll have them where he wants em. I believe then that it will be his to lose. And a huge BITE ME and F YOU to the all of the anti-doping agencies that keep trying to find something on Lance. Seriously, the guy was diagnosed with a Stage 4 cancer, given at best, a 50-50 chance for survival. And for ANYONE to even think that he'd be that crazy to take banned substances.........................................YOU"RE INSANE. He still maintains that beating cancer was the greatest victory of his life. He's the best ever. Deal with it. And if he wins again this time after having walked away four years earlier on top with nothing to prove, I will LAUGH OUT LOUD!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Some Cowboys Trivia

In 1981, my first year following my beloved Dallas Cowboys, the team notched 37 interceptions. I wonder what team has the most ever in a season. THIRTY SEVEN! That's unheard of. This team had it all on Offense (Danny White, Tony Dorsett, Robert Newhouse, Drew Pearson, Butch Johnson, Tony Hill, Doug Cosbie, Billy Joe Dupree, and a better than average line) and Defense, their front four of Harvey Martin, Too Tall Jones, John Dutton, and Randy White was as imposing as anyone's. Their linebackers were Mike Hegman, Bob Brunnig, Anthony Dickerson, and DD Lewis(in his final year of a 14 yr career) The secondary might not have been the fastest bunch. Guys like Dextor Clinskcale, Dennis Thurman, Michael Downs, and Everson Walls. Downs and Walls were both actually from Dallas, as was the late Harvey Martin. But the secondary sure had the sure hands for sure. Walls was a rookie that year and led the NFL with 11 interceptions and would also lead the league in picks one or two other times. Unfortunately, after being on a Super Bowl caliber team in Big D for his first few years, Walls would see the Cowboys gradually decline(1985 being the last playoff year and winning season in the Landry era) and then freefall between 1986-89. The Cowboys would rebuild and return to glory in the 1990's but by the Everson Walls had finished his career with the despised New York Giants, winning a Super Bowl in 1990. He made the SI cover that showed him celebrating after Buffalo's imfamous Scott Norwood miss. I was happy for him, yes, but it didn't happen in Dallas like it should have. It would have been nice to have Walls come back home and finish his career there in 1992 with a ring.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

How to approach this season if you're a Cowboys fan

I am over 2008. It was a major dissappointment, probably the biggest dissappointment of the year in Professional Sports. But it's over. It happened. I kind of have a similiar atttitude to the one that I had two yea rs ago at this time. Two years ago, the Cowboys were coming off a wildcard playoff choke job against Seattle. And once it was over it was over. I knew, or at least figured that whenever the question of "How are the Cowboys going to do this year?" and my reply went somewhere along the lines of "they probably have as much say in the big picture as anyone" . That's the same for this year. The experts are quick to assume that Wade Phillips won't change, he's too nice and too much of a cheerleader. There isn't any question that the Cowboys have as much talent as any team, if not the MOST. It's the discipline. It's simple though for Coach Phillips. This team not only needs to be in the playoffs but win a game or two in order for him to be back as the head man in 2010. The best scenario in my mind if '09 turns out to be more of the same "underachieving talent", that Mike Shanahan ought to be brought in and Wade to be moved over to where he probably belongs, defensive coordinator. It's all a just wait and see kind of thing. And it's only June 17.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

What do the so called experts really know?

The Cowboys are kind of under the radar from an expectation standpoint. Based on what happened in 2008. A year ago at this time, they were almost a unanimous pick to at least be in the Super Bowl, which was based on 2007. 2007 was when they were the best team in the NFC but choked in the playoffs. 2008 was when they had lofty expectations but had lots of injuries, which basically made them like a track star on crutches. Romo breaking a finger and missing three games, two of them lossess. Losing their pro-bowl caliber punter for the year in week 6. Losing Felix Jones in the same game, also for the year. Romo broke his finger in the SAME damned game at Arizona. The turmoil followed based on the team all of a sudden under achieving. It turned into drama. Marion Barber hurting his toe on Thanksgiving in an easy win against Seattle (Isn't that usually when a key injury happens? A game that you are winning without breaking a sweat), caused him to be less than 50 percent in the last four games. He didn't play at all against Pittsburgh. If he had, they would have closed that one out for sure. Choice filled in for him decently but there wasn't any other runner in there to spell him since Felix Jones was lost back in October. Felix was an upgrade from Julius, who was an average back on a 13-3 team in '07. Both he and Barber are back 100 percent. The only real question mark I think is at the number one receiver slot obviously. Roy Williams has potential but the Cowboys could very well be better and more effective if they mix in a nice 50-50 run, pass ratio. And Williams could have dynamic year if teams don't take him nearly as serious as T.O. This team if harnessed right and healthy, is going to be very good. By harnessed, I mean, team concept, accepting the roles, and DISCIPLINE. And as I recall, in a few other instances where, nobody talked about a team going into a season, then the team wound up a suprise or should I say, better than everyone thought. The 2007 Giants. The 2008 Cardinals. The 1995 Packers come to mind as a team that had lost I think NINE free agents, and not much was done to compensate much less improve the team according to the so-called experts. And they made it to the NFC Championship game, battling valiantly before losing to the eventual Super Bowl Champ Cowboys, and then dominating and winning it all the following year. Remember the 1999 Rams? They came out of nowhere. The 2001 Patriots were unheralded until Bledsoe goes down in week 2 and this unknown named Tom Brady steps in and the rest is history. Tony Romo was an unknown before he took over for Bledsoe in 2006 in the seventh game of the season and has gone 27-12. And the Cowboys of 2009 certainly wouldn't be looked at as a team that came from nowhere to go on a playoff run. People are quick to base something off of the year before when it comes to negativity without remembering the facts and circumstances of why this highly touted bunch only went 9-7 and missed the playoffs. I mean there were probably FIVE games last year that the Cowboys should have won but didn't and that's just how the ball bounces. Then there is the coaching thing. Who is to say that Wade Phillips doesn't finally have his day? People said the same thing about Tom Coughlin. About Doc Rivers. About Joe Torre. People want to bash Norv Turner but he's gotten the Chargers further into the playoffs than anyone else ever did since that time that they were the sacrificial lambs to the Niners under Bobby Ross in 1994. (The REAL Super Bowl that year was the NFC Championship between the Niners and Cowboys) And Jimmy Johnson was the genius who became the first head coach to ever win a NCAA Championship and the Super Bowl, which he did back to back and who knows how many more he would' ve in Dallas had he stayed. And then he didn't taste really any more playoff suceess in Miami then say Wade Phillips has to this point. Three more months until football and not a moment too soon. And no reading into any so-called power poll rankings because they are a load of crap as I've mentioned earlier. There really ought to still be a nasty taste in the mouths of the Cowboys lingering from that ultimate no show in the last game against Philly.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Can this finally be the year?

Well, it looked like 2007 would be the year that the Cowboys would at least get to the Super Bowl. They were unquestionably the best team in the NFC that year, having bested the Packers in that November showdown(both teams came into the game at 10-1) and taken care of the Giants twice. (the Giants were really not even considered a darkhorse despite making it in as a wildcard) And then we know what happened next ofcourse.

And then 2008 was REALLY supposed to be it but the problem was that they probably believed it too much. So the year turned out to be injury plagued, inconsistent, sloppy play, and a very dissappointing end. Humbling. And they felt the need to let T.O. go. Is that addition by subtraction? Is Roy Williams the Number One guy? Can the running game stay healthy and be the potential lethal trio? Will the defense indeed be deep due to lots of experience now from the younger guys that got forced into playing in '08? Is Tony Romo finally going to take that next step? Will Wade Phillips finally taste success in the postseason?

Not much has been said except from DE Jay Ratliff, who recently said that there are tighter rules now, and that everyone, in order to be a TEAM, has to one by one, check their egos at the door.

It's clear that this team is overdue. And it's also possible for someone to go 16-0 in the regular season and still biff it in their first playoff game. But the regular season is what comes first and putting yourself in position to at least have the homefield advantage. And THEN worry about the playoffs. There will be no playoff success if you don't even get there in the first place. Nothing is a given in this league. The Dallas Cowboys should have as much say in the big picture as anyone. I myself have been optimistic about it being a question of when rather than if.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Looking forward

Clearly the Cowboys are better than last year's 9-7 will attest. But they certainly won't be the NFC Consensus to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl not based on last year's dissappointment but probably because it's simply a level playing field. That said, the opportunity window is still there. And will continue to be. My prediction is that the Giants take a step back this year in the standings, the Redskins continue to hover around .500 while the Cowboys main threat is the Eagles. That's what I predict this year. On the surface it doesn't look like much has been done thus far to improve the team. No doubt that there is a lot of talent on the team and what seems to be believed within the organization is that they will be able to harness it more without T.O. It's unfortunate that he had to go but it looks as though he had to go. A combination of inner turmoil and the fact that he may finally be starting to show some age. (He will turn 36 on Dec. 7 of this football year) Is Roy Williams the guy at the number one slot? They think so apparently. Will Crayton be as affective back at the number two as he was in '07? He's just turning 30. The offensive line being smart and healthy along with a healthy three man-running back tandem of Marion Barber, Felix Jones, and Taschard Choice is vital. And Witten and Bennett at the Tight Ends. Witten was beat up much of '08 and hardly missed any time. He's the best in the business. Especially if he's healthy. There's talk about using Bennett in the wideout sets and two tight end sets. And ofcourse there's Romo. He's unflappable and fearless. He just needs to take a sack or throw it away instead of throwing an INT in those rare instances that he's in trying to improvise and everyone's blanketed. The depth at WR includes the return of Sam Hurd and a healthy Miles Austin. The defensive secondary is expected to be solid for sure with the developement of a lot of guys getting playing time last year when injuries forced them into action. There's still a long summer left ahead between now and then. Plus there are probably a few acquistions to be made too. It would be nice to bring in a Julius Peppers on defense to bolster the front line as well as maybe some more depth at the offensive line. One thing that will help is the drafting of USC kicker David Beuller to be the kickoff specialist while steady Nick Folk(over 88% FGs made) will continue to handle FG duties. Definitely not what's broken. But Folk hasn't been very deep on the kickoffs. Team Game. The Dallas Cowboys, if they play as a team, could seriously be the best considering their top notch talent level. The biggest question marks will be Roy Williams being a number one slot receiver, the offensive line, and Tony Romo, the QB, the leader. I think this is a 12 or 13 win club if they stay healthy. In 2008, they were anything but.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Draft Day is later this month

Well, other than the departure of T.O., the Cowboys front office has been as quiet as a funeral parlor. They haven't made any moves as of yet. But it's obvious that they have something in mind and are just waiting for the right moment to strike. They certainly can't just be standing pat. This team is Romo's team and he's due to quit underachieving. He missed three games due to the broken pinkie finger and had a few subpar games. But his 26 TDs and over 3000 yards that he still amassed would have been somewhat impressive even had he played the whole season. With Romo, it's not a question of if, but when he'll take that next step, when he'll get the team to where it ought to be. I'm constantly checking the NFL news wires for anything on the Cowboys but so far, since the T.O. release, nothing. Stay tuned. This offseason is going by slower than last year.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Picking up the pieces

Well, it's starting to wear off. The shock from the fact that Terrell Owens is no longer on the Dallas Cowboys. He's now a Buffalo Bill. If anyone would have told me that a year ago that this would be where we are now, I'd have never believed it could be even possible. They Cowboys signed him to an extension. But all it took was an underachieving year like 2008, and somehow, it all unhinged. There is lots of speculation that's been going on about T.O.'s falling out with his quarterback, and his tight end, namely Jason Witten True or not, SOMETHING must have happened behind closed doors to cause the team to release him. I mean, it will cost the team 9 million against this year's cap and they still released him. Jerry Jones most likely did not want to have to release him. I wanted it to work out. The team was lethal when they had it rolling and T.O. had as much to do with it as anyone. But now Roy Williams is the number one guy. Patrick Crayton is probably back to being the number two guy. Romo should benefit greatly with more team unity. The question is, who else do the Cowboys bring in to provide the experienced depth at WR? Tory Holt? Marvin Harrison? A draft pick? Will Sam Hurd, back from season ending injury, step up? He's shown lots of promise and potential as has Miles Austin. Both were hurt last year during the crucial stretch which saw another disheartening December. The Running game could be the best in the league. Marion Barber, Felix Jones, and Taschard Choice. The offensive line could use a tweak or two. On Defense, there will be some replacing and shoring for the departed Chris Canty(why in the devil did he have to go to a division rival? I won't bother mentioning the name) and safety Roy Williams. The team is making room for some new arrivals (free agents and the draft) Whether or not they can play as a true team this upcoming year is a question to be asked and answered at a later date this year. Right now, it's about laying the groundwork. It's about drafting for need. And getting ready to open up in the new stadium. This is hopefully perhaps could be, a happy 50th anniversary to the Cowboys. WoW! The Dallas Cowboys are turning 50 this year. I remember when they turned 25. 1984 when I was in seventh grade.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Shocking News

I really did not see this coming. I really didn't. Terrell Owens has been released by the Cowboys. I figured that if there was no news this month then he'd be back for certain. Personally, I'm sad. Sad that it didn't work out. And sad at the thought of seeing him in another uniform. I wouldn't mind seeing him retire now that he's been released. I just don't know who wants to take him on unless they're a contender. I guess that makes Roy Williams the go-to guy now for Romo. And I don't think that he wanted out of Dallas. It must have been a mutual thing perhaps. Perhaps not. It is just shocking news. I think that he never ever has been in trouble off the field. I also know that he always came to play on Sundays. I'm really numb. I just wonder what the team has in mind between now and next season.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

It's been a long offseason

We'll here we are a week away from March and still a long ways from next season. It's been a long offseason already for the Cowboy Nation considering this past season ended about a month earlier than expected. Being a Basketball fan of the Jazz has not made the offseason fly by like last yr did since they've had an incredible array of injuries to deal with and have, as a result, not been able to put their starting five out on the court in a single game this year. Yet they still are ten games above .500 . Their owner Larry H. Miller passed away yesterday of complications related to diabetes. Apparently, he had it for 30 years or so and it wasn't treated earlier like it should have been, due to no real symptoms ever cropping up until the last few years. And then, all of a sudden, ofcourse, treatment and other various options to try and manage it, recover, and so forth, became too late. Maybe the Jazz will try and dedicate the rest of their season to him and with the final pieces to the injury puzzle soon to be in place, maybe they can finally go on that run to be playing their best ball heading into the playoffs. They would be a scary team if they were to have everyone healthy. It's just been a season of hard times, yet still, here they are in the playoffs if they started today.

Back to the Cowboys. Yes, I think that T.O will be suiting up for the Cowboys in '09. If for no other reasons than the two obvious ones: He's under contract for three years and looks to be very productive still for that time ahead. And the other thing is, he doesn't want out of Dallas. And for hell's sakes, he isn't the reason for the underachieving of 2008. Sure, he said a few things in the frustration that they were underachieving and that he knew as well as the rest of the team and fans knew, that they were better than this, especially the way it ended. But T.O didn't commit all of the turnovers that would make most teams not even have a winning season(Dallas still went 9-7) and the penalties were an overall sign of a lack of discipline and focus on a talented team. And the team suffered many derailing, unhinging injuries, namely Tony Romo and Marion Barber. Romo missed three games and still threw 26 TD passes. Marion Barber was headed to the Pro Bowl before he injured his left big toe on Thanksgiving in a blowout win over the Seahawks. He didn't play against the Steelers and was slowed the last three games, probably only about 50 percent. Not having the real Marion Barber the last month was a key factor in them finishing 9-7 after appearing to be back on track at 8-4 on Thanksgiving. There have been talks about aquiring Ray Lewis of the Ravens or Julius Peppers from the Panthers. Both are free agents but it looks like the Ravens will resign Lewis to an acceptable deal and the Panthers have placed a franchise tag on Peppers although he continues to insist that he wants to be traded. So we'll see what happens. I haven't posted in several weeks ofcourse with the season being over and no news. And I think that if there's no further news about T.O in the next month, it'd be safe to assume, probably that he'll be back in Cowboys gear next year.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Giants won't repeat

Well, the Giants are who we THOUGHT they were too. They got ousted by the Eagles. The Arizona Cardinals are HOSTING the NFC Championship game next week. And NO, the Eagles are not this year's version of last year's Giants. The Steelers host the Ravens next week after they defeated the Chargers this afternoon. I have a friend at work who is a Steeler's fan much like I'm a Cowboys fan. He wanted to play the Ravens again in the playoffs and now, well, Matt Jennings(his name), be careful for what you have wished for. It's not like last year when the Cowboys were big favorites to do their NFC rivals, the Giants for the third time. Not like last year in that the Cowboys two wins over the Giants in the regular season were by two scores each. The Steelers won the two meetings against Baltimore by a combined seven points. So I'm not sure that I would have wanted to see them a third time if I'm a Steeler's fan. Yeah, it's in Pittsburgh but............last year, the Cowboys hosted the Giants and were 10 or 11 pt favorites to win. This matchup next week between Pittsburgh and Baltimore is clearly evenly matched. I'd wager on the Steelers but just barely. Call it Steelers 17-14. They'll find a way. And next week in the desert, I will go with the Cards at home. The Eagles are one of those teams that can be hot but I'm not sure that they can keep it up over the long haul. They just don't look to me like the team with lightening in the bottle. The Giants looked flat and they hadn't played the kind of ball that had them 11-1 at one point. That was over a month ago. It all caught up to them. They peaked and then they got knocked down a peg. And they never recovered. I saw this one coming. So they aren't repeating. No suprise really. I'm still more suprised about Dallas flopping. But then again, the whole season was a bit off, it seemed. There were key injuries, too many penalities. Way too many turnovers. And it all came crashing down on their heads in the last month again. And as a Cowboys fan, I hate the way they have "forgotten" how to play in December. I really believed that this time would be different because they were fighting for their playoff lives. Maybe had they not blown the Pittsburgh game............They bounced back to beat the Giants..........Then allowed Baltimore come and do them in their house in the last game to ever be played there no less.................and they no showed against the Eagles. And these Eagles still don't impress me as a Super Bowl team. They beat the Vikings who aren't very good with a QB in Tavaris Jackson--face it, he's awful. And the Giants just looked dead in the water today. They looked like they'd hit a wall. Basically, they proved that they caught lightening in the bottle last year in the playoffs, it carried over for much of this season, and then their bubble finally burst. This last month, G-MEN hardly resembled the team of the first twelve games of the year. I mean noone can ever take away that 2007 thing that they pulled off. But a dynasty? Don't kid yourself. They ARE what we thought they were. Oh, and I forgot to mention that the Cowboys released PacMan Jones. No suprise there I'm afraid. It's too bad that it didn't work out because he was a talent that could've helped us but he's no longer with us so we move on

Saturday, January 10, 2009

The offseason is busy in the personal life

The NFL Playoffs minus my Cowboys have been going on and believe it or not, I HAVE been watching them. Arizona has shocked people by winning TWO playoff games, at home over Atlanta and Matt Ryan. And tonight, they shocked the Number TWO seed Carolina Panthers. The Panthers are who we THOUGHT they were. Or at least who I thought they were. I never was sold on them. I always believed that if my team got in that they'd beat Carolina if they met. Well, Carolina is out losing at home for the first time all year to a Cardinal team that was OH and FIVE on the East Coast during the regular season. And IF the Eagles upset the Giants tomorrow in the Meadowlands, the ARIZONA FREAKIN CARDINALS will host the NFC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME!!!! And the Baltimore Ravens are the team NOBODY wants to face. They knocked off their second playoff foe on the road with a rookie named FLACCO. I had never heard of him before this year. I knew who Matt Ryan was without a doubt. But Joe Flacco? I forgot who he played for in College. Ofcourse, a year ago I didn't even know that he existed. He doesn't make mistakes to beat his team and the Ravens defense is back to being NASTY. And Pittsburgh against San Diego tomorrow determines who the Ravens will meet next Sunday for the AFC Championship game. The Ravens knocked off suprising Miami last wk (easily) and edged the Number One seed Tennessee Titans in Nashville today. I am starting to get into Basketball. College and Pro. I think that my Utah Jazz may be getting it together and then my College BYU Cougars look strong in the conference at least. And my Georgetown Hoyas are number 10, after knocking off number two UCONN and losing to number one Pitt. The Big EAst is a BEAST in Mens' Hoops this yr.

This week I lost my Grandfather(on my Dad's side) at age 92. The Funeral was yesterday. My Company(Coca-Cola) has paid funeral leave along with many other good benefits, so I had a three day weekend. It was a great service paying tribute to a great IRON man. I read the eulogy and my Dad and Brother both gave lengthy speeches about him. I was also one of the pallbearers. He outlived my Grandmother by twenty years. She died in Feb. 1990 at age 72 during my senior yr of High School of cancer. My Grandfather died of natural causes. So an era has definitely ended there. My parents, sister and her husband are living at my Grandfather's house about 15 miles away from where I am at. Life does go on and though I am still very dissappointed on my Cowboys' underachieving 2008, there will be next year as always. I look forward to 2009.