Saturday, October 10, 2009

Picks for week 5

Last week I got the teams with a bye week mixed up. It was Philly, Arizona, Atlanta, and Carolina. I had said Houston but was wrong about that one. However I DID wind up picking them to beat Oakland which they did. Last week's record for me was STILL 10-4 despite being wrong about my Cowboys. They are 2-2 but easily could be 4-0. But it is what it is: a long season with still a LOT of football left to be played. That said, I can hardly believe we're already into week FIVE!

So let's start with the picks for the week. Oh, first off, the byes for the week are: Chicago, Green Bay, New Orleans, and San Diego

So let's start with my beloved Cowboys, who so far have been inconsistent and injury prone just like in 2008.

Cowboys at the winless Kansas City Chiefs- The Cowboys have a bye week coming up which hopefully will be sufficient enough time to get WR Roy Williams, RB Felix Jones, and CB Gerald Sensebaugh back healthy for Atlanta on the 25th. Plus others who haven't played yet this year who hopefully will be ready to play and contribute by the time the team entertains the Falcons at home in two weeks. The Chiefs of the last three weeks probably aren't much to worry about. The Cowboys should still have enough to get by which is what they're obviously hoping to do with their bye next week. Just hope the Chiefs of week one (when they gave Baltimore somewhat of a scare) don't show up this sunday. Cowboys need this one because the Giants and Eagles each have, at least on paper, easy opponents this week. COWBOYS 27-14.

Oakland at NY Giants-Manning questionable because of a mild achilees heel problem or something like that. However regardless, David Carr has starting experience if needed. The Raiders are bad again. And it's at the meadowlands. I want the Raiders ofcourse, but I know I'm begging here. GIANTS (too many components)28-10.

Tampa Bay at Philadelphia-Bucs winless, though it looked like they might pick up their first win at Washington last week. Since that didn't happen, how are they going to beat Philly? Be nice, but again, I'm begging again. EAGLES 34-17

Pittsburgh at Detroit-Steelers clearly aren't going to get away with a pedestrian offense and leave the rest to their defense like last year. Last year's team probably sits at 4-0 right now with what they DID get away with then that they aren't getting away with this year. Big Ben has been solid in their two wins. Lions are off of the winless talks and improved. The uncertainty at the QB with the status on Matt Stafford certainly doesn't help their chances. Expect the Steelers to grind one out this one. But just showing up probably isn't enough. STEELERS 27-17

Cincinnati at Baltimore-the Bengals are a fluke play away from being unbeaten. Then again, the Steelers gave one away against them as well. Bengals will find the going tough in Baltimore. The Ravens are good and the Bengals have been either lucky or unlucky. Ravens are just a better team period. RAVENS 30-17

Washington at Carolina-somehow the Skins are 2-2 with their inept offense. They've scored 56 pts in their first 4 games total. Their defense keeps them in it every week. The Panthers are winless though they looked like they improved each week after their week one debacle. And they're at home and coming off a bye. PANTHERS 20-14

The rest:

Cleveland at Buffalo-BILLS 21-14

Minnesota at St. Louis-Vikings 33-14

Atlanta at San Francisco-FALCONS 23-20

Houston at Arizona-CARDS 28-21

New England at Denver-PATS 20-17 (bubble burst in Denver?)

Jacksonville at Seattle-JAGS 23-17

Indy at Tennesee-COLTS 31-17

NY Jets at Miami-J E T S JETS 26-17

Last wk 10-4 Overall: 40-22

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