Sunday, October 18, 2009

Week 6 already?

Well it must be week 6, week of October 18. I mean the season started on Sept 13 (well actually Sept. 10 with the Steelers clash with the Titans) Speaking of the Titans, they are OH AND FIVE. A year ago they were 5-0 on their way to a 10-0 start. That's the NFL for you. Oh and another cruel twist in the NFL, the Titans are in Foxboro this week. Hello Oh and six.

PATROITS 30-17 over the Titans

SAINTS are at home and will edge the Giants 24-21. the Saints are coming off a bye week. Four of the first Five wins for the Giants came against teams with a combined record of 3-17.

The BENGALS over Houston at home-Cardiac Cats starting at 5-1 not foreseen at the outset.

JAGUARS over the Rams -Are the Rams this year's version of last years' Detroit Lions only worse? Could be.

BUCS to get their first win against Carolina, who picked up their first win last week.

EAGLES will win at Oakland. What is up with the Eagles and Giants opening up against god-awful teams. At least the Giants finally play another good team today besides the Cowboys in week 2.

ATLANTA over the Bears. I don't think the Bears can beat a good team on the road unless something happens to Matt Ryan, who's the real deal. Falcons need this one because they go to Dallas next wk.

Chiefs over the REDSKINS-Skins try to do what the Ravens did to Billick two years ago. I can see it. Remember the Ravens giving Miami their only win of the year in 07? and that was in December. Probably what sealed Billick's fate. I pity Jim Zorn. But the Redskin offense as far as scoring is concerned, is pitiful. And it's unfortunate for them considering that their defense keeps them in virually every game. Washington has allowed just 82 points so far. But they've scored only 73.

STEELERS over the Browns AGAIN
JETS over Buffalo-it's unfortunate to see what's happening in Buffalo and T.O. certainly can't be used to it.

PACKERS over the Lions

SEAHAWKS over Cardinals-home team usually wins here

Ravens to knock the VIKINGS from the ranks of the unbeaten

CHARGERS to knock the Broncos from the ranks of the unbeaten

Byes: Dallas, Indianapolis, Miami, San Francisco

Last wk record: 9-5, overall: 49-27 not bad considering the unpredictability of today's NFL

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