Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Cowboys look to continue the upswing after a shocking 0-2 start

Mainly it was the offense that was off somewhat in the first two games. An upset 13-7 loss to the Redskins in Washington and a stunning 27-20 loss to the Bears in their home opener. The Cowboys, yes, the Dallas Cowboys were 0-2 after losing to teams that they should've on paper, at least, blown away. However, just being a little off here or there and you can lose to just about anyone. What's done is done. The Cowboys decided that obviously before heading to in-state rival Houston in week 3. There, the Cowboys manned up on defense 4 sacks(3 by DeMarcus Ware alone) and three forced turnovers and the offense FINALLY got untracked in a convincing 27-13 win to get Dallas in the win column. It's only a start. The offense can still get better. The Dallas Offense is REALLY at their very best when they have the ball WITH a lead. That finally happened for the first time this season against the Houston Texans. They never got in front of Washington in the opener. Had plenty of chances. It just seemed as though they weren't up to it. They actually had two leads against the Bears in the first half but both times the defense allowed fluke plays by the Bears and Cutler to get them out of third and long situations. It's weird but the Cowboys offense has the potential to be just plain unstoppable. They also are potentially their own worst enemy. They have the knack for blowing early scoring chances at times when and then getting impatient and restless. Its all good when they're ahead. Give Dallas the ball with lead and it's basically a done deal for them. Well enough of all of that. They're 1-2 and coming off of an early bye week. Home against he Tennessee Titans. The Titans have been up and down, coming in with a 2-2 mark. The Cowboys must again not beat themselves. No turnovers, fewer red zone deficiencies, and no giving up the big play. Tennessee's objective will be to run the ball if they get ahead. Their next objective is to simply be in the game in the fourth quarter. The Cowboys certainly don't want Tennesssee to still be hanging around in the fourth quarter and having the game hanging in the balance. We've seen what happens a lot to teams who allow the Titans to hang around.