Sunday, March 15, 2009

Picking up the pieces

Well, it's starting to wear off. The shock from the fact that Terrell Owens is no longer on the Dallas Cowboys. He's now a Buffalo Bill. If anyone would have told me that a year ago that this would be where we are now, I'd have never believed it could be even possible. They Cowboys signed him to an extension. But all it took was an underachieving year like 2008, and somehow, it all unhinged. There is lots of speculation that's been going on about T.O.'s falling out with his quarterback, and his tight end, namely Jason Witten True or not, SOMETHING must have happened behind closed doors to cause the team to release him. I mean, it will cost the team 9 million against this year's cap and they still released him. Jerry Jones most likely did not want to have to release him. I wanted it to work out. The team was lethal when they had it rolling and T.O. had as much to do with it as anyone. But now Roy Williams is the number one guy. Patrick Crayton is probably back to being the number two guy. Romo should benefit greatly with more team unity. The question is, who else do the Cowboys bring in to provide the experienced depth at WR? Tory Holt? Marvin Harrison? A draft pick? Will Sam Hurd, back from season ending injury, step up? He's shown lots of promise and potential as has Miles Austin. Both were hurt last year during the crucial stretch which saw another disheartening December. The Running game could be the best in the league. Marion Barber, Felix Jones, and Taschard Choice. The offensive line could use a tweak or two. On Defense, there will be some replacing and shoring for the departed Chris Canty(why in the devil did he have to go to a division rival? I won't bother mentioning the name) and safety Roy Williams. The team is making room for some new arrivals (free agents and the draft) Whether or not they can play as a true team this upcoming year is a question to be asked and answered at a later date this year. Right now, it's about laying the groundwork. It's about drafting for need. And getting ready to open up in the new stadium. This is hopefully perhaps could be, a happy 50th anniversary to the Cowboys. WoW! The Dallas Cowboys are turning 50 this year. I remember when they turned 25. 1984 when I was in seventh grade.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Shocking News

I really did not see this coming. I really didn't. Terrell Owens has been released by the Cowboys. I figured that if there was no news this month then he'd be back for certain. Personally, I'm sad. Sad that it didn't work out. And sad at the thought of seeing him in another uniform. I wouldn't mind seeing him retire now that he's been released. I just don't know who wants to take him on unless they're a contender. I guess that makes Roy Williams the go-to guy now for Romo. And I don't think that he wanted out of Dallas. It must have been a mutual thing perhaps. Perhaps not. It is just shocking news. I think that he never ever has been in trouble off the field. I also know that he always came to play on Sundays. I'm really numb. I just wonder what the team has in mind between now and next season.