Saturday, February 21, 2009

It's been a long offseason

We'll here we are a week away from March and still a long ways from next season. It's been a long offseason already for the Cowboy Nation considering this past season ended about a month earlier than expected. Being a Basketball fan of the Jazz has not made the offseason fly by like last yr did since they've had an incredible array of injuries to deal with and have, as a result, not been able to put their starting five out on the court in a single game this year. Yet they still are ten games above .500 . Their owner Larry H. Miller passed away yesterday of complications related to diabetes. Apparently, he had it for 30 years or so and it wasn't treated earlier like it should have been, due to no real symptoms ever cropping up until the last few years. And then, all of a sudden, ofcourse, treatment and other various options to try and manage it, recover, and so forth, became too late. Maybe the Jazz will try and dedicate the rest of their season to him and with the final pieces to the injury puzzle soon to be in place, maybe they can finally go on that run to be playing their best ball heading into the playoffs. They would be a scary team if they were to have everyone healthy. It's just been a season of hard times, yet still, here they are in the playoffs if they started today.

Back to the Cowboys. Yes, I think that T.O will be suiting up for the Cowboys in '09. If for no other reasons than the two obvious ones: He's under contract for three years and looks to be very productive still for that time ahead. And the other thing is, he doesn't want out of Dallas. And for hell's sakes, he isn't the reason for the underachieving of 2008. Sure, he said a few things in the frustration that they were underachieving and that he knew as well as the rest of the team and fans knew, that they were better than this, especially the way it ended. But T.O didn't commit all of the turnovers that would make most teams not even have a winning season(Dallas still went 9-7) and the penalties were an overall sign of a lack of discipline and focus on a talented team. And the team suffered many derailing, unhinging injuries, namely Tony Romo and Marion Barber. Romo missed three games and still threw 26 TD passes. Marion Barber was headed to the Pro Bowl before he injured his left big toe on Thanksgiving in a blowout win over the Seahawks. He didn't play against the Steelers and was slowed the last three games, probably only about 50 percent. Not having the real Marion Barber the last month was a key factor in them finishing 9-7 after appearing to be back on track at 8-4 on Thanksgiving. There have been talks about aquiring Ray Lewis of the Ravens or Julius Peppers from the Panthers. Both are free agents but it looks like the Ravens will resign Lewis to an acceptable deal and the Panthers have placed a franchise tag on Peppers although he continues to insist that he wants to be traded. So we'll see what happens. I haven't posted in several weeks ofcourse with the season being over and no news. And I think that if there's no further news about T.O in the next month, it'd be safe to assume, probably that he'll be back in Cowboys gear next year.