Sunday, October 25, 2009

Cowboys win to move to 4-2; Giants lose again

The Cowboys are tied for first place in their division in the loss column. Today after a slow start, they ran the Atlanta Falcons down and then out 37-21. The Falcons defense looked as though they were determined to key in on the potentially potent running game of Dallas, and Romo made them pay through the air. Over 300 yards passing and 3 TDs, 2 of them to Miles Austin and one to Patrick Crayton. Crayton also returned a punt 73 yards to basically seal it in the fourth. The defense also got after Matt Ryan, the second year star of the Falcons. He was sacked four times and knocked down on many other passing attempts. He also lost a fumble on a sack and almost another fumble on another sack. He was intercepted twice. The Cowboys defense forced three turnovers. Felix Jones lost one fumble in the second quarter but Ryan then lost a fumble on a sack four plays later. On the following play after getting the ball back, Romo hit Austin on a bomb to make it 10-7 Dallas. With just seconds to go before the half ended, Romo, on second and goal from the Atlanta 5, avoided the rush, got away from another would-be tackler, pulled up and rifled a pass to a wide open Crayton in the End Zone to make it 17-7 at the half. After a couple of costly penalties on both sides of the ball allowed the Falcons to creep back in it on a TD midway through the third quarter, Romo and the Cowboys marched right back down the field with the drive ending on another TD pass to Miles Austin to make it 24-14 and pretty much slam the door on the Falcons' comeback bid. It was a great win for Dallas, who as I mentioned earlier, moved to 4-2 and tied for first in the NFC East in the loss column. And later on, the Giants lost their second in a row to the Arizona Cardinals, and at home to boot. What goes around comes around. And no more weekly picks for me. I decided to quit while ahead. Plus I'm just too biased.

Monday, October 19, 2009

When a bye week was as good as a win

How about three wins for NFC East opponents. Not to bash my team's division, but I don't root for any of them ofcourse. I also don't root for most NFC teams in the Super Bowl if the Cowboys aren't playing in it. And especially not a division rival. Two seasons ago, I was rooting for the Patriots to beat the Giants because DAMMIT ALL TO HELL that should have been Dallas (or maybe Green Bay) in that Super Bowl against Tom Brady, not those F--ing Giants. But anyways, yesterday felt like a victory for Dallas who was having their bye week. The Giants got smoked down in the Big Easy. The Eagles shockingly lost out at Oakland to the Raiders, who absolutely were dreadful the previous few weeks. And for good measure, the Redskins lost at home to the Chiefs, who were previously winless. How about that Redskin-Chiefs game? NO TOUCHDOWNS scored. Six field goals and a safety (four FGs and the safety by KC and 2 FGs by the very inept Redskin offense)total. Seriously, it felt like a win yesterday for the Cowboys who get ready for Atlanta this coming Sunday afternoon in Dallas. The Falcons are a must win in my opinion. Win that one and then we have the Seahawks coming in next. Very DoABLE. That would make us 5-2 going into the showdown in Philly on Sunday Night Nov. 8. But not to get ahead of ourselves. Atlanta is no pushover. They don't generally beat themselves anyways. They are a team we can beat and ought to beat at home. IF we lose this game at home to Atlanta, WE"RE NOT A PLAYOFF TEAM. There I said it. It's likely that Roy Williams will be back for this one. Felix Jones is practicing again so let's keep our fingers crossed on him. Our potential is enormous in my book. And for sure, on any given Sunday, anything can happen. Just ask the Philadelphia Eagles. I TOLD YOU SO about them and their inconsistencies. I think one of the most overlooked factors in today's NFL is the matter of catching someone at the right time. Can we get the Eagles at their place in three wks, at the right time. A time where we are playing well like we're capable of and the Eagles might be a little off, enough for us to go there and smoke em? I think that Denver caught us right. We were coming off of a hard fought Monday Night win and it was up in the friendly confines of Denver's Mile High Invesco Field. How will the Saints be playing when we meet them in December. I don't think we've really put it together yet. But nonetheless, our team sits at 3-2 and tied for second in the division. And the two losses were games that we let slip away. The Giants getting run out of the Superdome yesterday proved the argument that they shouldn't have left the new Cowboys stadium with a win. Come on!!! We turned it over FOUR times to their ZERO, and they only escaped by two. But the so-called experts think that the Giants are THAT much better than us. We can beat them. And we can beat them in their house just the same. And if we catch them right we WILL. However I'm off on a tangent or several for that matter. Back to this week's matchup. We are coming off a bye week, rested up, getting some injured starters back, and we're at home. There will be NO EXCUSE for our Cowboys. It's a must win. As much as yesterday FELT like a win. This next one against Atlanta, GOTTA HAVE IT!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Week 6 already?

Well it must be week 6, week of October 18. I mean the season started on Sept 13 (well actually Sept. 10 with the Steelers clash with the Titans) Speaking of the Titans, they are OH AND FIVE. A year ago they were 5-0 on their way to a 10-0 start. That's the NFL for you. Oh and another cruel twist in the NFL, the Titans are in Foxboro this week. Hello Oh and six.

PATROITS 30-17 over the Titans

SAINTS are at home and will edge the Giants 24-21. the Saints are coming off a bye week. Four of the first Five wins for the Giants came against teams with a combined record of 3-17.

The BENGALS over Houston at home-Cardiac Cats starting at 5-1 not foreseen at the outset.

JAGUARS over the Rams -Are the Rams this year's version of last years' Detroit Lions only worse? Could be.

BUCS to get their first win against Carolina, who picked up their first win last week.

EAGLES will win at Oakland. What is up with the Eagles and Giants opening up against god-awful teams. At least the Giants finally play another good team today besides the Cowboys in week 2.

ATLANTA over the Bears. I don't think the Bears can beat a good team on the road unless something happens to Matt Ryan, who's the real deal. Falcons need this one because they go to Dallas next wk.

Chiefs over the REDSKINS-Skins try to do what the Ravens did to Billick two years ago. I can see it. Remember the Ravens giving Miami their only win of the year in 07? and that was in December. Probably what sealed Billick's fate. I pity Jim Zorn. But the Redskin offense as far as scoring is concerned, is pitiful. And it's unfortunate for them considering that their defense keeps them in virually every game. Washington has allowed just 82 points so far. But they've scored only 73.

STEELERS over the Browns AGAIN
JETS over Buffalo-it's unfortunate to see what's happening in Buffalo and T.O. certainly can't be used to it.

PACKERS over the Lions

SEAHAWKS over Cardinals-home team usually wins here

Ravens to knock the VIKINGS from the ranks of the unbeaten

CHARGERS to knock the Broncos from the ranks of the unbeaten

Byes: Dallas, Indianapolis, Miami, San Francisco

Last wk record: 9-5, overall: 49-27 not bad considering the unpredictability of today's NFL

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A win's a win and the Cowboys had to have it

This past Sunday, the Dallas Cowboys outlasted the Kansas City Chiefs in overtime at Arrowhead on a chilly cloudy looking day. Playing without WR Roy Williams and RB Felix Jones, the Cowboys overcame two early turnovers that led directly to 10 pts for the Chiefs, FIFETEEN penalties, and various missed opportunities in the redzone to pull this one out. Three times the Cowboys had to settle for FGs instead of TDs in the red zone, and one of the FGs on their opening possession was shanked by the normally close to automatic Nick Folk, the third year PK out of Arizona. Miles Austin took the place of Roy Williams and looked the part of a number one wideout, catching 10 balls for an astounding 250 yards and two TDs, one in the fourth that put Dallas up 20-13, and the other to win the game in the extra overtime session. The Cowboys(3-2) were shaking cobwebs throughout most of the first three quarters, falling behind 13-3 and racking up penalties on both sides of the ball. One one drive that led to the Chiefs third quarter FG, the Cowboys D was whistled for being offsides a ridiculous FOUR times. After finally taking the lead with under three minutes to play on a 56 yard pass to Austin, the Cowboys defense, who had held down the fort throughout the game while waiting for the offense to finally get it going, gave up the tying TD drive that sent the game into overtime. And in the overtime session, the Chiefs even had two possessions including the first one on the winning coin toss. The second time they got the ball, I for one, thought that the Cowboys had lost it right there. Dallas did nothing on their first overtime possession and the shortest punt of the day by Mat McBriar, came at the worst possible time as Kansas City ended up at midfield. But the Cowboys D stopped the Chiefs from gaining a single yard much less a first down. After Patrick Crayton fair caught a punt at his own 21, the Cowboys began the winning march or sprint if you want to call it that. Choice ran for 16 yards. He and Marion Barber got the ball to midfield on the next couple of plays before Flozell Adams was called for holding and backed the team up 10 yards to their own 40. And then Romo connecfed to Austin for what appeared at first to be a 10 yarder to get the holding yardage back. He then shook a tackle and sprinted away from everyone down the Joyous Cowboys sideline to the end zone. The Chiefs are still winless at 0-5. And ofcourse the Cowboys need to be a lot better than this. But they DID win and head into their bye week, hoping to get healthy and ready for some more consistency. Atlanta is next in Dallas on Oct. 25. Cowboys can still get better and definitely need to. If they played the Eagles, Saints, or Giants right now, the result might not be pretty. That said, they should have beaten the Giants three weeks ago at home and let the Denver game get away. Those are good teams yet people want to make them out to be WAY better than the Cowboys. I don't think they are a lot better than the Cowboys potentially. This team is one that could get a lot better as the season goes on. But the penalties and turnovers can team up to kill you. And this team has a lot of ironing out to do. It's not a question of what they're capable of. It just could go either way as it stands now. I know one thing for sure. Had they not won this last one, they might not be recovering from it. But they did what a good team does even when they play a below average game. They still won. They knew they had to have it, when it mattered most anyways. So a bye week comes at more ideal time than the one last year, which didn't come until week 10.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Picks for week 5

Last week I got the teams with a bye week mixed up. It was Philly, Arizona, Atlanta, and Carolina. I had said Houston but was wrong about that one. However I DID wind up picking them to beat Oakland which they did. Last week's record for me was STILL 10-4 despite being wrong about my Cowboys. They are 2-2 but easily could be 4-0. But it is what it is: a long season with still a LOT of football left to be played. That said, I can hardly believe we're already into week FIVE!

So let's start with the picks for the week. Oh, first off, the byes for the week are: Chicago, Green Bay, New Orleans, and San Diego

So let's start with my beloved Cowboys, who so far have been inconsistent and injury prone just like in 2008.

Cowboys at the winless Kansas City Chiefs- The Cowboys have a bye week coming up which hopefully will be sufficient enough time to get WR Roy Williams, RB Felix Jones, and CB Gerald Sensebaugh back healthy for Atlanta on the 25th. Plus others who haven't played yet this year who hopefully will be ready to play and contribute by the time the team entertains the Falcons at home in two weeks. The Chiefs of the last three weeks probably aren't much to worry about. The Cowboys should still have enough to get by which is what they're obviously hoping to do with their bye next week. Just hope the Chiefs of week one (when they gave Baltimore somewhat of a scare) don't show up this sunday. Cowboys need this one because the Giants and Eagles each have, at least on paper, easy opponents this week. COWBOYS 27-14.

Oakland at NY Giants-Manning questionable because of a mild achilees heel problem or something like that. However regardless, David Carr has starting experience if needed. The Raiders are bad again. And it's at the meadowlands. I want the Raiders ofcourse, but I know I'm begging here. GIANTS (too many components)28-10.

Tampa Bay at Philadelphia-Bucs winless, though it looked like they might pick up their first win at Washington last week. Since that didn't happen, how are they going to beat Philly? Be nice, but again, I'm begging again. EAGLES 34-17

Pittsburgh at Detroit-Steelers clearly aren't going to get away with a pedestrian offense and leave the rest to their defense like last year. Last year's team probably sits at 4-0 right now with what they DID get away with then that they aren't getting away with this year. Big Ben has been solid in their two wins. Lions are off of the winless talks and improved. The uncertainty at the QB with the status on Matt Stafford certainly doesn't help their chances. Expect the Steelers to grind one out this one. But just showing up probably isn't enough. STEELERS 27-17

Cincinnati at Baltimore-the Bengals are a fluke play away from being unbeaten. Then again, the Steelers gave one away against them as well. Bengals will find the going tough in Baltimore. The Ravens are good and the Bengals have been either lucky or unlucky. Ravens are just a better team period. RAVENS 30-17

Washington at Carolina-somehow the Skins are 2-2 with their inept offense. They've scored 56 pts in their first 4 games total. Their defense keeps them in it every week. The Panthers are winless though they looked like they improved each week after their week one debacle. And they're at home and coming off a bye. PANTHERS 20-14

The rest:

Cleveland at Buffalo-BILLS 21-14

Minnesota at St. Louis-Vikings 33-14

Atlanta at San Francisco-FALCONS 23-20

Houston at Arizona-CARDS 28-21

New England at Denver-PATS 20-17 (bubble burst in Denver?)

Jacksonville at Seattle-JAGS 23-17

Indy at Tennesee-COLTS 31-17

NY Jets at Miami-J E T S JETS 26-17

Last wk 10-4 Overall: 40-22

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Pro Picksfor week 4

My picks for week 4 are as follows:

INDY over Seattle- seahawks in for another long year with more injuries

CHICAGO over Detroit-Lions have improved but Bears are at home

WASHINGTON over Tampa Bay-Bucs seem to be getting worse by the week.

NY Giants over KANSAS CITY-Chiefs are rebuilding and the schedule is tough

NY Jets over NEW ORLEANS-Jets in a minor upset

Dallas over DENVER-Cowboys win a close one if they don't turn it over

PITTSBURGH over San Diego-Steelers need this one after blowing the last two

MINNESOTA over Green Bay-Vikings at home. Favre beats his old team. Next mtg more interesting in four wks at Lambeau

Cincinnati over CLEVELAND-the browns are the worst team in the NFL

NEW ENGLAND over Baltimore-Patriots in a close one since they're at home

Buffalo over MIAMI-tough luck Dolphins lose three fairly close games to good teams and now their QB is gone for the year and that will be tough to overcome

SAN FRANCISCO over St. Louis-Rams are the second worst team in the NFL

Tennessee over JACKSONVILLE-Titans get in the win column after three close gut wrenching losses

BYES for this week: Philadelphia, Houston, Carolina, Atlanta (already time for byes? we just started!)

Last weeks record: 11-5 . Overall record: 30-18