Monday, October 19, 2009

When a bye week was as good as a win

How about three wins for NFC East opponents. Not to bash my team's division, but I don't root for any of them ofcourse. I also don't root for most NFC teams in the Super Bowl if the Cowboys aren't playing in it. And especially not a division rival. Two seasons ago, I was rooting for the Patriots to beat the Giants because DAMMIT ALL TO HELL that should have been Dallas (or maybe Green Bay) in that Super Bowl against Tom Brady, not those F--ing Giants. But anyways, yesterday felt like a victory for Dallas who was having their bye week. The Giants got smoked down in the Big Easy. The Eagles shockingly lost out at Oakland to the Raiders, who absolutely were dreadful the previous few weeks. And for good measure, the Redskins lost at home to the Chiefs, who were previously winless. How about that Redskin-Chiefs game? NO TOUCHDOWNS scored. Six field goals and a safety (four FGs and the safety by KC and 2 FGs by the very inept Redskin offense)total. Seriously, it felt like a win yesterday for the Cowboys who get ready for Atlanta this coming Sunday afternoon in Dallas. The Falcons are a must win in my opinion. Win that one and then we have the Seahawks coming in next. Very DoABLE. That would make us 5-2 going into the showdown in Philly on Sunday Night Nov. 8. But not to get ahead of ourselves. Atlanta is no pushover. They don't generally beat themselves anyways. They are a team we can beat and ought to beat at home. IF we lose this game at home to Atlanta, WE"RE NOT A PLAYOFF TEAM. There I said it. It's likely that Roy Williams will be back for this one. Felix Jones is practicing again so let's keep our fingers crossed on him. Our potential is enormous in my book. And for sure, on any given Sunday, anything can happen. Just ask the Philadelphia Eagles. I TOLD YOU SO about them and their inconsistencies. I think one of the most overlooked factors in today's NFL is the matter of catching someone at the right time. Can we get the Eagles at their place in three wks, at the right time. A time where we are playing well like we're capable of and the Eagles might be a little off, enough for us to go there and smoke em? I think that Denver caught us right. We were coming off of a hard fought Monday Night win and it was up in the friendly confines of Denver's Mile High Invesco Field. How will the Saints be playing when we meet them in December. I don't think we've really put it together yet. But nonetheless, our team sits at 3-2 and tied for second in the division. And the two losses were games that we let slip away. The Giants getting run out of the Superdome yesterday proved the argument that they shouldn't have left the new Cowboys stadium with a win. Come on!!! We turned it over FOUR times to their ZERO, and they only escaped by two. But the so-called experts think that the Giants are THAT much better than us. We can beat them. And we can beat them in their house just the same. And if we catch them right we WILL. However I'm off on a tangent or several for that matter. Back to this week's matchup. We are coming off a bye week, rested up, getting some injured starters back, and we're at home. There will be NO EXCUSE for our Cowboys. It's a must win. As much as yesterday FELT like a win. This next one against Atlanta, GOTTA HAVE IT!

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