Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Shocking News

I really did not see this coming. I really didn't. Terrell Owens has been released by the Cowboys. I figured that if there was no news this month then he'd be back for certain. Personally, I'm sad. Sad that it didn't work out. And sad at the thought of seeing him in another uniform. I wouldn't mind seeing him retire now that he's been released. I just don't know who wants to take him on unless they're a contender. I guess that makes Roy Williams the go-to guy now for Romo. And I don't think that he wanted out of Dallas. It must have been a mutual thing perhaps. Perhaps not. It is just shocking news. I think that he never ever has been in trouble off the field. I also know that he always came to play on Sundays. I'm really numb. I just wonder what the team has in mind between now and next season.

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