Sunday, August 30, 2009

Preseason is B.S.

Preseason is like a horrible tasting appetizer that you only eat because you're starving and it's still a bit of a wait for the main course(regular season) I mean how else do you sit through the Colts losing to the Lions and the Cowboys dropping one at home in their new stadium to the Niners? Or the Giants losing to the Jets? I know it's dumb to be sitting here all mad just because your team lost a meaningless scrimmage. Except that you know that it's just something dumb that we have to sit through every year at this time. I guess if you hate it so bad, and I do, that we should just skip it all together and not even talk about it. Romo looked fine for a half again and the team was winning rather easily at the half. Roy Williams sat out with a jammed shoulder. He should be ready to go on Sept. 13 though. It may have only been 10-3 but Romo threw an interception, costing the team at least another 3 points if not 7. And another time they settled for a FG when it should have been seven for sure. Come on no excuse for not punching it in after having first and goal at the five! PK Nick Folk kicked his two gimme field goal attempts although both times those drives should have been TDs (come on, the two kicks were from 19 yards out and 26 yards out respectively) Jon Kitna, Romo's backup, lost the game for his team in the second half. He got off to a cold start and then he fumbled in the late going, with the Cowboys still ahead. It was scrubs on scrubs in the second half when the "scrubboys" got outscored by the "scrubbyniners" 17-3. So it was 20-13 the final score. The Niners starters were shut down by the Cowboys starters in the first half. Dallas totally dominated and should have been up 17-3 or even 21-3 possibly instead of 10-3. And now the preseason finale next week will be scrubs on scrubs for probably the entire game. So one more week of BS before the real season starts. But once the real season starts, Romo has NO MORE excuses. He is Mr. "Hasn't Won the Big One Yet" But if he fails to get the team a playoff win at least this year he will be Mr. "Can't win the Big One' I know it's unfair to come down on Romo, he's still only going to be starting his third full season in the NFL. He is, afterall 4-1 as a starter against Eli Manning. (the one loss being that playoff botch) and Eli Manning, is 0-3 for his career in playoff games if you take away that unheralded run he and the Giants had two seasons ago. But the fact is, Manning could and and even MAY never win another playoff game EVER and everyone will still remember that one playoff run that he DID have. Was it a fluke? More than likely, but he'll still take it. And Wade Phillips, god bless him, but if he might not still be the Head Man in some of the other organizations. I mean Marty Shottenheimer guided the Chargers to a 14-2 record in 2006 and was shown the door after the team choked their divisional playoff game at home to the Patriots. A year later Coach Phillips lost a game in Dallas in the same situation as Shottenheimer did. The Cowboys of 2oo7 were not a lot different than the Chargers of the year before. They had a great regular season, a gaudy record, and the lost a game they should have won at home to send that great season up in smoke. And Guess who was on BOTH of those staffs? Wade Phillips. He was the defensive coordinator on that Charger team in 06 and the head coach on Dallas a year later. And then the Cowboys suffered a dissappointing year where they didn't even get in in 08. It was similiar to the Chargers of 05 when the went 8-8 and missed after a good season the year before. This is it for Wade Phillips this year. God Bless him but he's history after this upcoming season if the team misfires again. And he will probably never be a head coach again either if that's the case. I mean Shottenheimer, who HAD won some playoff games, just never reached the Super Bowl, may not be coaching in the NFL ranks again. I mean this will be his third year without being a head coach. That's the longest that he's been out of the coaching ranks since he first started as Cleveland's head man in the mid 1980s. The old Cleveland Browns, who became the Baltimore Ravens in 1996. Wade Phillips has won NO playoff games as a head coach. Sadly, he should have at least two wins. He was on the losing end of the "music city miracle" as the Buffalo Bills head coach. He and the Bills were robbed in that one. I don't consider that to be one of the greatest plays or NFL "moments" ever mind you. There was an illegal forward lateral in it. EVERYONE saw it and can point it out whether you want to admit that or not. He lost that aforementioned game to their division rival Giants, after having done them TWICE during the regular season. He lost the one playoff game he was in with Denver in 1993 to the Raiders when they were still in LA. The Raiders haven't won many playoff games since their last Super Bowl triumph a quarter of a century ago. And were it not for the Gannon years and Jon Gruden, the Raiders would be in an even more serious, long suffering drought. One thing is for certain: the cowboys haven't won any playoff games in what now is 13 years. So being a Cowboys fan, I might have to say that I'm used to it, if they fail again this time around. But right now, until the season finally gets started on Sept. 13 (actually except for the one game on Thurs night Sept. 10) we're stuck in this BS preseason crap.

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