Sunday, August 23, 2009

Halfway thru the preseason-is NIck Folk looking over his shoulder?

It's the preseason ofcourse where it's meaningless technically. Except some jobs being tried and won. The Cowboys have split their first two games, losing at Oakland (we'll get them on Turkey Day!) where starters that DID play only played a series. They played their starters more like a half at home against Tennessee, which produced a 14-10 lead at halftime and the backups went on to pitch a 16-0 shutout in the second half for a 30-10 win. Okay, big deal. Preseason. And yes, it was at the new stadium this time. The concern I have right now isn't the production of the Cowboys offense. They look rather sharp. Romo is rather sharp, like hitting seven diffeent targets on Friday night. But PK Nick Folk looks a bit shaky. The Cowboys drafted PK David Bueller from USC to do kickoffs. Folk is still the FG man. But he missed a gimmie 36 yarder against the Raiders and a 49 yarder against the Titans, his only attempt. So he's only 1-3 in the preseason. Just a small concern since it's only the preseason. But we need Folk. He's been pretty automatic since we got him two years ago out of Arizona. I REALLY wish we'd had him back in 2005, when the Cowboys lost 4 games because of kicking woes which could have stretched what was a 9-7 record to, say, 12-4 or 13-3. We need both of these kickers. For some reason Nick Folk has been mediocre when it comes to kicking off but not Field goals. He's 46-53 in two years when it's actually counted. You can't do much better than that. That's about 88 percent. So hopefully he'll get untracked by the time the real season starts.

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