Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Cowboys must be the ones to prove the naysayers wrong

They are saying all the right things. They are also saying how they relish the role of non-favorites and being under the radar. A year ago the Cowboys were anything but under the radar. And anything but underdogs. But after last year's failure to even get into the playoffs after being almost unanimously picked to at least be in the Super Bowl, it's basically turned into a "show me" deal. Everyone knows the talent level on this team. It's just that noone is sold on it until it happens. It's like, "okay, we were sold on them last year but they made us all look bad by their underachieving. So this year let's make them earn our approval" This is what the experts are saying this time around. Okay, so the only ones obviously who can change the "expert" opinions are the Dallas Cowboys themselves. They have their opportunities to shut up the Marshall Faulks and the Trent Dilfers out there. And the John Claytons of the world. Mark my words this team, playing up to their full potential, can beat anyone. But they could lose to anyone too. It can go either way. Injuries are part of the game but they did have something to do with last year's dissappointment. What happens if there aren't injuries to Marion Barber, Felix Jones, Tony Romo, Terrence Newman, Mat McBriar, Kyle Kosier, Miles Austin, Sam Hurd, and Jason Witten? All of those people missed time last year, most of them at least a few games. Witten didn't miss any starts but was hampered late in the season when the team collapsed. Romo literally collapsed in the locker room shower after that tank job finale in Philly due to very sore ribs. That right there sums up the 2008 season. I remember how shocked I was still on New Year's Eve a couple of days after that last game. How I couldn't believe that New Year's was dawning, and the Cowboys year was already over. They are the only ones who can change people's minds. Their schedule in the first half of the year, in my opionion, is favorable. At least the first seven games before their first meeting with the Eagles. They get the Giants, Falcons, and Panthers at home. Their road games at Tampa Bay, Denver, and Kansas City are games that they ought to win simply because those teams range from awful to average at best. They also get the Chargers at home later on. The Raiders on Turkey Day. It's a more favorable schedule than last year. Plus their bye week is much earlier this time around. Just saying. If they don't prove the Naysayers wrong this year then I will use the cop out "I'm USED to it"

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