Saturday, September 26, 2009

Looking Ahead

Well, the Cowboys dissappointed in that they lost a game that they should have won. It was at home. And it was against the G--dmnd Giants. Four turnovers, three INT and a fumble on a kickoff gave the Giants a chance at the end. They needed every turnover that Dallas made. 33-31 with that winning FG as time expired. So the official first game for the Cowboys in their new digs is in the books, and unlike 1971, this time we lose. I just hate losing to the Giants. The Eagles. And the Redskins. Hopefully we can rebound this week against Carolina. We should. I know one thing: If we don't help them out, there is no doubt. This last one against the Giants should have been 34-20 Dallas. But what's done is done. Oh, the other concern besides turnovers and creating them on defense. Sacks. Zero for the Cowboys in two games. We get to Manning usually at least 4 times a game and we don't bring him down once. At least with him still holding the football. I know our guys were close on several occassions. They didn't get to Romo either but the three picks let a Giants team that we otherwise have over a ledge, off the hook. And it's really getting old. The list of "should have won" games keeps getting longer since 2005, the year the Cowboys became what you consider at least a good team. Not a great team. I good team, one that has averaged 10 wins a yr starting with that year. But all of those ones that were blown or botched. The list keeps getting longer. And Romo has stated that he's aware of the team's potential and that he wasn't up to their level this past Sunday. Oh, back to the pass rush. How in the world don't we sack Byron Leftwich? Yeah we won that game but against the Giants, if you don't bring down Eli AND you turn it over 4 times, you usually lose. Against ANYONE for that matter. But like I said, what's done is done. So it's time to move on to this week. And with that I will post my picks for the week starting this time with my beloved Dallas Cowboys on Monday Night.

Panthers at Cowboys-No way this team starts out 0-2 in their new digs. Especially after all of the mistakes and points that they gave to the Giants and STILL win if the defense sacks Manning a couple of times. I look for them to finally bust through against Jake Dehlome. Dallas has flat out owned the Panthers in the regular season (7-1 all time if I'm not mistaken) and this is a regular season game in Big D and the Panthers are 0-2. Make that 0-3. Dallas could probably turn it over 4 times against them and still win because the Panthers will likely turn it over regardless. Look for the Cowboys and Romo to bounce back. COWBOYS (minus turnovers) 31-17

and the rest will be as follows (home team in CAPS)

RAVENS over Browns
RAIDERS over Broncos
LIONS over Redskins
NY JETS over Titans
CHARGERS over Dolphins
Steelers over BENGALS
PATRIOTS over Falcons
SEAHAWKS over Bears
BILLS over Saints
VIKINGS over 49ers
EAGLES over Chiefs-hope I'm wrong ofcourse
Colts over CARDS
Jags over TEXANS
Packers over RAMS
BUCS over Giants-upset special

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