Thursday, September 10, 2009

Pro Picks for week one

Alright, I want to see how I actually fare and I WILL stack my picks up against the so-called experts. I will post my record for this week when I make my week 2 picks and so-on, including my overall. You know, last wks record, and my overall record. So here for week one:

THURSDAY NIGHT Sept 10-Tennessee at Pittsburgh-the traditional Thursday Night opener played earlier tonight is already in the books with the Steelers having to go to overtime in a 13-10 victory over the Titans. The Steelers should have won it in regulation with under two minutes to play. That's when Big Ben hit a wide open Hines Ward at the Titan 20 with the score tied at 10. Ward proceeded to twist and turn and muscle his way inside the 10 and then the 5 when a Titans defender came from behind and punched the ball loose as Ward continued to fight towards the goal line resulting in a fumble recovery for Tennessee. The Steelers then won the toss, went right back to work and on first down from about the 15, PK Josh Reed was sent in to nail a perfect 32 yard FG for the win. I had picked the Steelers TO WIN earlier, predicting it to be 23-17. So I am 1-0 so far.

Jacksonville at Indianapolis- the Jags are coming off a dissappointing year. The Colts, after a slow start last year, particularly Peyton Manning, reeled off nine straight to finish with 12 wins, six straight years with at least that many wins. Then they have to go to San Diego as a wild-card, because Tennessee actually won the AFC South, to play the 8-8 AFC West division winning Chargers. They lost in overtime. This time Manning gets off to a better start, the Jags don't go 5-11 again this year but Indy is a superior team no matter what direction you tilt this picture.
COLTS 31-17

Detroit at New Orleans-will there be a rerun of last December when Brees carved up the winless Lions 42-7? Naw, only 35-14 SAINTS this time around. 18 straight L s and counting for Detroit.

Philadelphia at Carolina-I will pick a minor upset in this one. PANTHERS 24-20 because they are at home.

N.Y. Jets at Houston- Texans are at home so I'll go with the TEXANS 27-21

Kansas City at Baltimore- Will Baltimore continue the good bad good bad trend they seem to have going refering to how they are year in and year out? Well, I don't see them losing to KC at home to start things off at least. Flacco is expected to probably post somewhat more gaudy numbers this year. RAVENS 30-13

Denver at Cincinnati-It's going to be a long year in the mile high city. And since they are on the road, yes it's the Bengals, but and Carson Palmer is reportedly healthy, I like the BENGALS 28-17

Minnesota at Cleveland-finally we get to see Favre in a real game in Purple. Who would have thought. It's not beyond the realm of possibility that the Vikings, if number 4 holds up, could have something similiar seasonwise to the Packers of 2007. VIKINGS 34-20

Miami at Atlanta- Miami won't duplicate last year's 11-5 suprise. Not with a tougher schedule and with Tom Brady back in Foxboro, and with a possible improvement in Buffalo. Atlanta will be hard pressed to go 11-5 again as well. Look at the track record. Never made the playoffs in consectutive years in their history. Hard to believe. But I like Matt Ryan and the FALCONS 27-20 at home.

Washington at N.Y. Giants- so far I've picked the home team in each game. Now I'm going to go with a slight upset again to another NFC East contender. Well, unless it's a tie, an NFC East team will lose for sure on Sunday. How will it taste to see both the Eagles and Giants 0-1 to start. Haynesworth to make a difference for the Redskins. Eli Manning still has a tendency to stink it up once in a while like the last month of last year. And no more Plaxico Burress and Amani Toomer. It will be evident. Manning makes a couple of costly mistakes. The REDSKINS steal one 24-19.

San Francisco at Arizona-the Cards start off at home with a win over the 49ers. Kurt Warner is still around and starting at that. CARDINALS 31-21

St. Louis at Seattle-SEAHAWKS 28-21 at home

Chicago at Green Bay-I look for Aaron Rodgers to outplay Jay Cutler at Lambeau Field. Let's go with the PACKERS 30-17

Dallas at Tampa Bay-I've said all I need to say ofcourse about Dallas. They have a chance to get off really well this year. And winning will only become more contagious if you start out in .the win column. Simply put the Cowboys win if they don't help the Bucs out. Romo looks to be more efficient and more of a leader. Pencil him in for 30 plus TD again and see the INTs dip maybe into the lower teens. COWBOYS 24-14 then let's bring in the Giants in the home opener

MONDAY NIGHT actually has two games to start off with

Buffalo at New England-Bills are expected to be improved. T.O. will be interesting to say the least. I still am a little shocked that he won't be finishing his career in BIG D afterall. Unfortunately they have to start out at Foxboro. PATRIOTS 31-20 for their 12th consectutive win over Buffalo.

San Diego at Oakland-another division clash and another rivalry that's been lopsided as of late. Raiders might be the second best team in this division. Somebody's got to be second. Even if it 's a DISTANT second. CHARGERS 37-14

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