Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A showdown inm Philly

Well, after routing the Seattle Seahawks 38-17 (a virtual replay of last yrs Thanksgiving drubbing of the same team) the Dallas Cowboys stand at 5-2 after a 2-2 start. Oh, and yes the Power Rankings are still bullshit, even though the Cowboys have climed all the way up to number 8 after being ranked a ridiculous 19 before the Atlanta game. They were ranked behind teams like the Jets, 49ers, and Cardinals. And this was when they were still 3-2. So the Cowboys are ranked 8th. Guess who's ranked 9th? Philly, who's up next. Guess they think the Cowboys are a slightly better team than the Eagles even as they prepare to go to Philly this Sunday night. I like the fact that it's a Sunday night game. Just another reminder of what's at stake as if the Cowboys need another reminder. I think all that they are thinking about though they aren't publicly saying it: 44-6. That was the way the Cowboys season ended last year when the team was STILL alive for the final NFC playoff spot and just had to beat the Eagles to get in. It had been an underachieving, injury-riddled, turmoil filled year for the team almost unanimously picked to at least be in the Super Bowl at the outset. So even after all of that, the Cowboys went into Philadelphia, controlling their own destiny, to try and get into the playoffs and then as you know anything can happen. What happened is that the Cowboys never showed. Many people thought that Wade Phillips was history. There was no doubt that something HAD to happen before this season. Unfortunately, it was the departure of T.O. The reasons were a combination of him starting to show some age in 08 after still looking ageless in 07, and reportedly a divided locker room. I don't know myself, I'm just a fan but those were the TWO biggest factors in the departure of T.O. Unfortunate that it had to go that way, that he couldn't finish up in Dallas and get a ring. Meanwhile, however, this team looks like it might be showing signs of the 2007 level, maybe better because of potentially more talent, especially at the running back position. Miles Austin could very well be the number one guy. Roy Williams has yet to become the number one guy as far as numbers go. He's got the potential but maybe he's drawing double teams and Romo is just taking what the defense gives them. Patrick Crayton is still a sure handed receiver and has scored TDs on long punt returns in consecutive games. Witten and Bennett are great TE s. Roy Williams got into the end zone against Seattle but he still only had one other catch. He'll get more as time goes on. Meantime, though, Tony Romo hit ten different receivers against the Seahawks and in the last three games he has nearly 1000 yards passing, 8 TD, O INT. Keeps that up, our team will be tough to beat. He needs to play turnover free against Philly. Our defense needs to harass McNabb, and for god sakes, if you get a hand on him, make sure you bring him down! And don't let that DeSean Jackson be all alone down the sideline. Westbrook will be there too, but he won't be 100 percent. And the Eagles' D isn't as good as it was either in the secondary. Their offensive line isn't as good as it was and their defense can be pushed around. No turnovers, harass McNabb, help up top on DeSean. This Eagles team lives and DIES with the BIG PLAY. Do NOT give up the BIG PLAY! No turnovers, especially, because that means giving them a short field. Can't happen. Oh, and ask the Oakland Raiders how in the hell they shut down Philly. Another thing to remember, Philly is inconsistent. Which team will show up? You don't know. I just know that the Cowboys better show up unlike last time.

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