Sunday, May 31, 2009

What do the so called experts really know?

The Cowboys are kind of under the radar from an expectation standpoint. Based on what happened in 2008. A year ago at this time, they were almost a unanimous pick to at least be in the Super Bowl, which was based on 2007. 2007 was when they were the best team in the NFC but choked in the playoffs. 2008 was when they had lofty expectations but had lots of injuries, which basically made them like a track star on crutches. Romo breaking a finger and missing three games, two of them lossess. Losing their pro-bowl caliber punter for the year in week 6. Losing Felix Jones in the same game, also for the year. Romo broke his finger in the SAME damned game at Arizona. The turmoil followed based on the team all of a sudden under achieving. It turned into drama. Marion Barber hurting his toe on Thanksgiving in an easy win against Seattle (Isn't that usually when a key injury happens? A game that you are winning without breaking a sweat), caused him to be less than 50 percent in the last four games. He didn't play at all against Pittsburgh. If he had, they would have closed that one out for sure. Choice filled in for him decently but there wasn't any other runner in there to spell him since Felix Jones was lost back in October. Felix was an upgrade from Julius, who was an average back on a 13-3 team in '07. Both he and Barber are back 100 percent. The only real question mark I think is at the number one receiver slot obviously. Roy Williams has potential but the Cowboys could very well be better and more effective if they mix in a nice 50-50 run, pass ratio. And Williams could have dynamic year if teams don't take him nearly as serious as T.O. This team if harnessed right and healthy, is going to be very good. By harnessed, I mean, team concept, accepting the roles, and DISCIPLINE. And as I recall, in a few other instances where, nobody talked about a team going into a season, then the team wound up a suprise or should I say, better than everyone thought. The 2007 Giants. The 2008 Cardinals. The 1995 Packers come to mind as a team that had lost I think NINE free agents, and not much was done to compensate much less improve the team according to the so-called experts. And they made it to the NFC Championship game, battling valiantly before losing to the eventual Super Bowl Champ Cowboys, and then dominating and winning it all the following year. Remember the 1999 Rams? They came out of nowhere. The 2001 Patriots were unheralded until Bledsoe goes down in week 2 and this unknown named Tom Brady steps in and the rest is history. Tony Romo was an unknown before he took over for Bledsoe in 2006 in the seventh game of the season and has gone 27-12. And the Cowboys of 2009 certainly wouldn't be looked at as a team that came from nowhere to go on a playoff run. People are quick to base something off of the year before when it comes to negativity without remembering the facts and circumstances of why this highly touted bunch only went 9-7 and missed the playoffs. I mean there were probably FIVE games last year that the Cowboys should have won but didn't and that's just how the ball bounces. Then there is the coaching thing. Who is to say that Wade Phillips doesn't finally have his day? People said the same thing about Tom Coughlin. About Doc Rivers. About Joe Torre. People want to bash Norv Turner but he's gotten the Chargers further into the playoffs than anyone else ever did since that time that they were the sacrificial lambs to the Niners under Bobby Ross in 1994. (The REAL Super Bowl that year was the NFC Championship between the Niners and Cowboys) And Jimmy Johnson was the genius who became the first head coach to ever win a NCAA Championship and the Super Bowl, which he did back to back and who knows how many more he would' ve in Dallas had he stayed. And then he didn't taste really any more playoff suceess in Miami then say Wade Phillips has to this point. Three more months until football and not a moment too soon. And no reading into any so-called power poll rankings because they are a load of crap as I've mentioned earlier. There really ought to still be a nasty taste in the mouths of the Cowboys lingering from that ultimate no show in the last game against Philly.

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