Saturday, July 11, 2009

Someone with very little class

I Hate this guy anyway because he plays for the New York Giants. But the fact of the matter is that guys like Eli Manning, Amani Toomer(though he's no longer there, released earlier this year) Michael Strahan(retired but still somewhat biased towards his former team) Jason Tuck, at least have some class. But big bruising fullback Brandon Jacobs, has shown me that he hasn't got much if any. First of all, first things first, since he came into the league, the Giants are 4-5 against Dallas(including that playoff upset) so we've beaten him and his team our FAIR share of times enough that he ought to not be popping off about Romo, and oh yeah, DUH, he doesn't even play defense to be running smack about a quarterback unless it's his own. Eli Manning has CLASS, okay, but he has just as many flaws as, if not more than, Romo. I haven't forgotten about how he slammed the football against a playclock when scoring a TD, and they don't call him for delay of game but everytime Ocho Cinco or T.O. celebrate without showing their ASSES, and they're hit with unsportsmanlike delay of game penalties. And now just the other day about Romo not being effective when staying in the pocket. He's had some of his better games against your defense Brandon "Big Fat Mouth" Jacobs. Let's see in five starts against the Giants, Romo is 4-1 with the one loss again being that upset in the playoffs in Jan. 2008. Even if you include that loss in there, with Romo against the G-men, the Cowboys average 27 pts. And Jacobs kind of play has him missing a handful of games here and there. Sure he punishes but he is no Bo Jackson in terms of athletic ability and his career, at the rate things are going, isn't going to last much longer. So a guy who probably won't be in the NFL(MARK MY WORDS) in five years to be popping off about an opposing teams QB is ludicrous. Shut your damned piehole. I'm telling you right now. Romo will get his and in five years, he'll still be around and Brandon Jacobs won't.

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