Friday, July 17, 2009

Predictions by "Experts'

They'll be wrong again about Dallas, just like they were last year. This year they are acknowledging that they have the most talent at least in their division but I see second and third place predicted orders of finish. Well, it's based on what happened last year and the fact that Wade Phillips is still the coach. Last year, based on their 13 win 2007, they were almost unanimous favorites to at least be in the Super Bowl. Well, the so-called experts don't know anything more than you or I do, as I stated earlier. And it shouldn't bother me really except that in one NFl preview magazine, they predicted that they'd miss the playoffs altogether, finish third in their division and here's the kicker........Bears make the playoffs. UH HUH, and the Cowboys don't. Somebody's lost their minds there. What are you kidding me? If Dallas doesn't make the playoffs, there's no way Chicago does. NO WAY Chicago gets in regardless. They suck. They have no receivers and Jay Cutler is 17-20 as a starter and that was with a much more talented offensive group. The Bears may have a decent defense but even that side of the ball is a far cry from 2005-06. And the offense will continue to struggle. The Bears, if they're lucky, go 9-7. That's probably doesn't get them in unless the NFC North stinks it up this year and the Bears win the division going 8-8 or 9-7. But NO WAY they get in to the playoffs and Dallas doesn't. That would be like Arkansas being ranked and Georgia being unranked. That's like the Clippers making the playoffs and the Lakers missing

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