Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Regular Season Complete

Lost in this 13-3 season, is the fact that the Dallas Cowboys have lost EIGHT consecutive regular season finales. This last one, a 27-6 drubbing at the hands of the hated Washington Redskins, allowed the Cowboy's most bitter rivals to clinch the final seed in the NFC. Dallas clearly wasn't into this final game, having long since wrapped up the NFC East, for the first time since 1998, and having also wrapped up the NFC's top seed for the first time since 1995, the previous week. Romo played half of the game, missing four starters to begin with and the only thing more lethargic than the conditions were the Cowboys themselves. Looked like an uninspired exhibition. And as has often been the case in the great Cowboys-Redskins rivalry, 2007 saw the two teams split the two annual regular season meetings. Dallas defeated Washington at home in November. The Cowboys don't play again until Sunday January 13. If Washington wins at Seattle, not an easy task for the Redskins but it should be a good game, then there will be a rubber match on the 13th in Dallas. If Seattle eliminates Washington this saturday, then Seattle will go to Green Bay, the NFC's #2 seed while Dallas will take on the Giants/Tampa Bay winner. It's very probable that Terrell Owens will take the field for the Cowboys on the 13th. Good thing. And Terry Glenn can only be that much more in game shape by then. He was on the field for the first time all year against Washington, though only for a few series' and didn't have a reception. Will we see the Redskins a third time? Or the Giants a third time? It would be classic to win a rubber match against the Redskins. That would taste mighty sweet. But it would be equally sweet to make it a hat trick against the Giants. Then there is Tampa Bay, a team that Dallas walloped 38-10 last year on Thanksgiving Day, which saw Romo in only his fifth career start at the time, throw for five touchdowns in the rout. Yes, the Buccanneers are significantly better this time around, but the Cowboys are better than then as well, at least on paper. If Tampa Bay comes to Dallas: 34-17 Cowboys.

If the New York Giants come in : let's call it 31-21 Cowboys.

If Washington beats Seattle, and comes to Dallas I see it a little closer: 27-20 Cowboys.

I don't really care who we play, only that we win. And I don't care "how" its done, but that it's done. The Dallas Cowboys are the best team in the NFC(provided we show up)and should be in the Super Bowl. Technically, it's our's to lose


jb said...

It has always bothered me how teams will treat the last game of the season like an exhibition game, because their playoff spot is locked up. I think it tends to hinder more than help. Resting starters and avoiding injury may have some benefit, but there is also something to be said for maintaining momentum, keeping focus, and keeping the saw sharp. I think it Dallas makes things harder for themselves going into the playoffs when they do that.

romofan said...

I hear you there. Watching that last game against the 'skins, wasn't any easier to take than it would have been if it was a "real"game. We beat them in the "real" game on Nov. 18. As far as the game this weekend, NO WAY does T.O. not play. Period. But the real key to this game is showing up. If we show up, we'll beat them. Our best beats their best, no question. Their secondary, without Sam Madison, ought to be easy pickin's. Who you kidding with journeyman R.W. McQuarters. We ought to make them wear those red jerseys again. And Eli Manning is due to have a less than stellar day, with our 'boys having something to do with that ofcourse.