Friday, July 25, 2008

Olympic Mens Hoops

Football will arrive not a moment too soon. The Olympics will offer a nice bridge from now and until then when they open on 8/8/08 over in China. Simply put, after tonights 55 point demolition of Canada in an exhibition game in Las Vegas, I'm forced to conclude that there is absolutely no foreseeable way that we (TEAM USA-the new dream team) lose over there. Not happening. The "Dream On" team of 2004 on paper, should have still won the Gold but they had no chemistry, nor did they really have much time to get in sync having been thrown together for a couple of weeks before playing some exhibition games in preparing for Athens. This team, more or less has been getting together now, each of the previous two summers plus this summer. This team will be without a true center, but won't need one. Oh, and tonight, LeBRon sat out with a sore ankle. ANd we won by 55. And it's not like Canada can't beat some of the teams in the field. All I know, and already knew for that matter, is that there is no way this team loses. It will be an upset if any of the games are closer than twenty points. Now I've been wrong before but I'll put myself out there on this one. Easily the best group assembled since the '96 games in Atlanta. I totally expect to be saying (along with the vast majority of my fellow Americans) "Now that's more like it".

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