Thursday, August 7, 2008

Favre back but not with the Pack-NO WAY. WAY.

Well, after a month long circus in the Green Bay Packers headquarters and media, Brett Favre has been reinstated with the NFL and traded to the NY Jets a team coming off of a 4-12 season. Last year the New York (Just End The Season) Jets were lousy after having made the playoffs the year before. Now, who would have ever thought that it would come to this. I see where the Packer organization was trying to emphasize "moving forward", obviously, as just what happened. Now, I want to say this. As a Dallas Cowboys' diehard lunatic, I hope we kick the absolute living HELL out of the Aaron Rodgers led pack(or should I say Ted Thompson and Mike McCarthy) on September 21. I think they are foolish from a WIN NOW standpoint in this WIN NOW league. I really hope that this decision that they have just made blows up in their faces. And I hope that Favre can lead the Jets to the playoffs for good measure. Yes, I know that Favre should have NOT "retired". Either that or it should have been final, his retirement. But whatever. He still wants to play. He still can play. And I like the Cowboys chances that much more in Green Bay in the third week of the upcoming season. I hope we destroy them. Sure looked weird though, seeing Brett Favre donning a Jets' #4. Something NOBODY could have envisioned, even up until yesterday.

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