Monday, August 25, 2008

Now Michael Strahan unretiring possibly?

When I was talking on the previous post about DE Osi Umenyiora of the Giants being carted on Saturday night and being done for the year, I DID have it in the back of my mind "watch, now the Giants management will try to lure Michael Strahan out of retirement in the twelve O'clock hour" And suprise !!! His agent has been contacted by Giants mangement about just that. Strahan, who turns 37 in November, retired in the spring of this year after fifteen seasons in the league and collecting that Super Bowl ring, that didn't appear likely for him at this point of his career. Supposedly, he hasn't been reached yet, while he's been on a vacation over in Greece of all places. You know the Giants are desperate and are going to throw a huge amount of jack, probably overpay him to come out. I won't be suprised either way. But I DO think that it's ridiculous if he does at THIS point. Afterall he's starting a new gig as a Fox Sports NFL analyist . I mean he didn't say in announcing his retirement, that "unless there is a major injury to Umenyiora or another key defensive lineman before or at the beginning of the season, than I won't be coming back" But it will be his decision. He is certainly in no shape to play for sure and it would take at least a month for him to get into shape and he is afterall, a year older now. But we'll just see. Another interesting note, Matt Leinert has lost the starting QB job to 37 (that's my age) year old Kurt Warner. Warner, who came out of nowhere in 1999 as a 28 year old with the Rams, had arguably three of the best years EVER from 1999-2001 as a QB, had been declared by many experts and nonexperts like myself, as washed up. After the Rams were upset by the Patriots in Super Bowl 36, Warner never seemed to recover, became injury prone and lost his confidence it seemed, all the while insisting that he could still play. In 2004, he was with the Giants and they got off to a 5-2 start but when the team lost their next two to fall to 5-4, they decided to yank Warner and throw in a rookie named Eli Manning, who proceeded to not win his first game as a starter until the final week of the season. SO then Warner moved on to the Cardinals, same story, inconsistency and injury prone, and seemingly washed up. But here he is three years later, and he last year took over for the injured Leinert after the first month, and proceeded to throw 27 TDs and 17 picks and the Cards rallied to 8-8. And now, he's won the job and the Cardinals must be serious about their chances of maybe getting into the playoffs this year. It's unknown about what the future holds for Matt Leinert, the 2004 Heisman winner at USC and who also led the Trojans to the brink of three straight National Championships and a gaudy 35-2 record overall in his three years as their starter. But the NFL is a different cat. We shall see what happens next there. Stay tuned

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