Saturday, August 9, 2008

Preseason-when we find out who's going to get cut

Ofcourse, the Cowboys have pretty much established their starting unit. They were all, except for T. O. on the field for one series, a touchdown drive and the starting unit for San Diego tied it up at seven on their second offensive series and with that, after the first quarter, it was scrubs against scrubs. These could be the two teams in the upcoming Super Bowl. The Cowboys scrubs were beaten soundly by the San Diego scrubs. So Preseason, really has with each passing year, seemingly seen the starter's time on the field scaled back for fear of risking a season ending injury. It's been known to happen. I remember in 1997 when Green Bay was attempting to repeat as NFL Champion, and they lost RB Edgar Bennett for the season, and not only that, but he never played for the Packers again. He was traded to the Bears the following season because Dorsey Levens had emerged as a feature back, maybe their Emmitt Smith, in their eyes. And so they sign him to a big deal, trade Bennett, and then Levens gets hurt and never becomes any of that really and the Packers didn't contend for a Super Bowl again for ten years. I also remember the Detroit Lions drafting an amazing halfback out of Brigham Young by the name of Luke Staley. HE got hurt in preseason, in 2002, trying to MAKE the team and was lost for the year, and never even wound up playing a down in the NFL. It's amazing the chain of events that can be set in motion when losing a key player to a season ending injury but imagine when it happens in the preseason. So that's why we don't see a whole lot of the actual team until the REAL season begins. Romo tonight was 3/3 for 33 yards on the one series that finished with a TD run. And many people who played tonight will not be on the team one month from now. I can recall when starters used to play for about a half in preseason games, and those days are gone. Preseason is not a time to get all jazzed when your "team" wins one or pissed off when they lose one. It's like so what? INdy lost to Carolina tonight. But if they played each other a month from now, the Colts would wallop the Panthers. The other night the Patriots lost to the Ravens and the Giants lost to the Lions. Well not really. It's just preseason. Now the Chargers are probably feeling that this could be the year that they get to the Super Bowl. They have had Indy's number and the Patriots, although they'll still be right there, aren't expected to go 18-0 this time, not after they STILL lost the Super Bowl. San Diego will be a Super Bowl contender this year, if Rivers and Tomlinson are healthy. The Cowboys can't afford major injuries if they're going to contend for a Super Bowl , so preseason is not about the starters themselves but determining some final pieces to their depth. Can't wait until the real season starts. Oh, and the season begins on Thursday, Sept 4, when the Skins play the Giants. And I don't expect to hear ANYONE calling this match between the Giants and Redskins, a "preview of the NFC Championship game" I hope it's a TIE since obviously they can't BOTH lose.

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