Sunday, August 17, 2008

Preseason sucks

Another meaningless preseason game, and another loss. Well, it's preseason, the best teams are the worst preseason teams more often than not. And ofcourse, the worst teams in the NFL are more often than not, the best preseason teams. You can't read hardly anything into it. This time it was in Denver. Last year the Cowboys won their two home preseason games and lost their two road games in the preseason. Probably a repeat of that this time. Can't wait to play the Broncos in a REAL game next year. I'm still not over that Thanksgiving game from 2005. Come on September 7. Oh, the Olympics have been fun though. Let's hear it for Michael Phelps, winning an unprecedented EIGHT gold medals in a single Olympics. I really thought that Mark Spitz, who won SEVEN back in the '72 Munich games, was especially classy and gracious in recognizing and praising Phelps as the man and how everyone here in America is proud of him , his accomplishments, and how he has handled it all and carried himself. Very True. The Redeem Team is doing just that. They are the best in the world, just like they're supposed to be. I initially saw the 2000 team in Sydney show the first signs of a team thinking that they were bullet proof and that they only needed to 'show up" to win. While that team managed to avoid losing, it carried over to 2002, when our team was embarrassed on US SOIL no less and even more humiliated in 2004, when for good measure, it was proven that the 2002 debacle hadn't necessarily been a fluke. Then it was proven that we couldn't necessarily just send ANYONE. This team of ours now, is really no more talented than the 2002 and 2004 flops, but it is apparently 25 points better.

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