Tuesday, November 25, 2008

NFL Power Rankings

I haven't bothered looking at them for weeks ever since the Cowboys briefly grabbed the top spot after week three. But it's interesting to peek and see after a couple of months. The Giants are where they belong, at the top. No dispute there right now. Ofcourse that can change. First off Cris Collingsworth was right on when the topic of who the second best team in the NFC is. He said Dallas. He said that they are dangerous, and that they have the most talent in the NFL still. He said that they are the only team in the NFC with a chance to take down the Giants should they meet in the playoffs. Agreed. The latest poll that I looked at has the Cowboys at number 5. I know that the Bucs have a one game better record than the Cowboys do, thanks to their mishaps. But they DID beat the Bucs without Romo, without Newman, and without Kosier, as well as Felix Jones. HELLO?!?! And I know that the Jets are playing well and Brett Favre, I just love but putting them at number two is a bit of a stretch. Afterall, they DID lose to the Raiders. And no, not last year, this year. The Cowboys did lose to the Rams but we know that they weren't ready to play, missing KEY elements. Plus the Rams actually played decent football for a three week stretch (winning at Washington, beating Dallas(not the REAL Dallas) and almost winning at New England) before they went back to stinking it up. And they HAVE been downright dreadful. Honestly, before Denver fell flat as flat gets AT HOME against Oakland, I actually said that the Raiders were worse than the Lions, even though they had won a couple and Detroit is winless. OH, and the Lions roared out to a 17-0 first quarter lead against the Bucs and it all evaporated before halftime. Bucs won going away 38-20. I have to say that the Lions are the WORST TEAM IN FOOTBALL and that they WILL NOT WIN A GAME in 2008. Don't sweat it! Lions ranked 32 out of 32, and headed for the Toilet Bowl against Kansas City. The Chiefs one win: DENVER. How are the Broncos 6-5? They have looked like THEY could be the worst in the NFL in games against KC, New England, and the Raiders. Plus they have lost THREE IN A ROW AT HOME. More perplexing, How in HELL did Denver beat Atlanta (7-4) on the road and then get HUMILIATED at home by the Raiders? I know I've gotten off of the original topic (Power Rankings) but all of the stuff I mentioned I guess just goes to show everyone that the Rankings don't mean shit. Nothing.

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