Saturday, November 29, 2008

Cowboys move to 8-4

Well, for the third straight year, the Cowboys blew out an opponent on Thanksgiving. And for the third straight year, it was a normally respectable opponent that's having a bad year. Two years ago, the Tampa Bucs came into Big D on Turkey Day and were massacred 38-10 when Rom threw five TDs in making only his 5th NFL Start. Last year the Cowboys got the 2-8 Jets, and had NO trouble at all, winning 34-3. It's funny how the Bucs and Jets this year have 8-3 records. And this time, the Seattle Seahawks, who are having an unfortunate year as far as injuries are concerned, came in at 2-9, with Matt Hasselback in the lineup, albeit too late to save their season. The Seahawks beat the Cowboys two years ago in the playoffs on that botched snap from Romo but were no match for the Cowboys this time. The Cowboys D sacked Hasselback seven times and Tony Romo had another big day as the offense looks more and more like they could be getting in sync. And what a vintage day for Jason Witten who has been bothered by a broken rib but still continued to play through it. His production naturally has fallen off the past few weeks with him being far less than 100%. And he looked banged up just four days before against the 49ers but in this game he caught nine passes and a TD. T.O. also caught a TD (third straight Thanksgiving Game he got into the end zone) and for the third straight game, Martilus Bennett, the hero of the Washington game, caught a TD pass. Roy Williams also caught a few passes and ran an end around reverse for a 13 yard first down gain early on. So now it looks like we have a pass rush and the offense, is coming on. I'll be the first however to cautiously say that we're not quite there yet. Still getting better by the game. And fortunately, the MRI results on Marion Barber, who rushed for a first quarter TD, and Defensive End DeMarcus Ware, three sacks against Seattle, are negative and that the Pittsburgh game isn't until Dec. 7. They should be able to go against the rough and tough Steelers, a team a like except for when they play Dallas. An interesting developement happening in Giants land: WR Plaxico Burress, already out for Sunday's game against the Redskins with a pulled hamstring, received an accidental gunshot wound at a club on Friday Morning or Night. Nothing good happens in the middle of the night or wee hours of the morning. Let's hope that he's okay though. Pretty shocking news. It brings back memories from a year ago with the Redskins Sean Taylor, who was shot during a botched robbery attempt in his own home while he happened to be out injured already for his team. He didnt make it as we know. It doesn't sound like Burress' deal is that serious. Let's hope not.

And also back into Cowboys land, PacMan will be in the lineup against Pittsburgh. Good, we'll need him. Romo can't afford mistakes against the Steeler D, which might be the best in the NFL. Also, our pass rush, the way it has been, could very well get to Big Ben. This game could be a stalemate of a contest. The Cowboys have a tough December starting at Pittsburgh and then home against the Giants and Baltimore before their regular season finale at Philly. Games that we can win ? Absolutely. But with the Calendar about to flip over to December, will the team forget how to play again? I don't think so. Not this time. For the first time since I guess you can say, 1993, the Cowboys might play their best football of the year in the month of December. I might be putting myself out there by saying that but I really believe that this time, they will be peaking at the right time. It IS set up for them to do it for sure. I mean the opportunity is there. They HAVE to this time. Or they won't be going to the postseason. And they are well aware of that. And just think how battle tested they will be in January if they indeed make it to that point. Definitely not working against them for sure. Getting hot at the right time. I vaguely remember mentioning how maybe it would be best for them to hit some rough patches, maybe have to really turn it on in November and December to be playing their best football when it matters. And that maybe sacrificing a division title for a Super Bowl might be the recipe for this team to get it done this time around like the Steelers of 2005 and last years Giants. Even the Colts of 2006 were not the number one seed in their conference in the playoffs. They just went out and manned up. The 2005 Steelers did that. And last year's Giants, the most unheralded bunch ever probably, did it.

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