Monday, December 1, 2008

What I think will happen Sunday

Well we know that it's in Pittsburgh and there will be all of those Terrible Towels waving as darkness gets set to descend not long after kickoff. The Steelers have as good of a Defense as any in Pro Football. So it will be the Cowboys Offense vs the Steelers' Defense. And I think the Cowboys will win if they don't turn it over and if they do turn it over, well that's bad news against Pittsburgh. The Steelers were able to capitalize on the second half implosion of the New England Patriots yesterday. The game had been tied at 10 at the half. Then in the second half, it looked as though the Pats decided to gift wrap the game and hand it to the Steelers. The Cowboys offense will certainly be tested. Romo is for sure the most elusive QB that Pittsburgh has had to face this year. And this will be the most fearsome defense that Romo will have faced this year too. It's going to come down to the Cowboys being able to avoid turnovers and also on the defensive side, not giving up any big plays to the Steelers. I think if Romo takes what is given to him, and the line holds up enough for him to at least extend plays and get rid of the ball, and they avoid the dreaded TURNOVERS that would favor Pittsburgh mightily, then Dallas wins. I'll make a bold prediction. The Cowboys are getting better by the game and somewhat healthy at the right time. I look for them to get a lead and assume control once they are ahead. Let's call it Cowboys 26, Steelers 17

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