Sunday, December 21, 2008

Black Saturday Night

Well one word to describe this season. Underachieving. Two words to describe last night's loss to Baltimore. Very Dissappointing. It already was that by way of losing the NFC East title and vying for one of the two NFC Wildcard spots. But last night, Baltimore came up with two drive thwarting interceptions of Romo in the first half, one that ended a promising drive on the intial series and the other coming on the attempted drive to go down and get points to end the first half. The latter was more costly because it was returned to midfield and the Ravens got close enough in the last 27 seconds as a result for a field goal to take a 9-7 halftime lead. But ofcourse what won the game for Baltimore were two big long gains for touchdowns that should not have happened. And consequently, a costly loss for the Cowboys to the Ravens 33-24. And does anyone realize for the record that Dallas has never beaten the Ravens since they've been in Baltimore? The last time the Cowboys beat this franchise, the Ravens were still the old Cleveland Browns back in the early 90's. But even after all of the dissappointments, believe it or not, thanks to Tampa Bay losing at home to San Diego (Chargers are in the playoffs afterall if they beat Denver at home next wk) Dallas is still alive. And even more amazing, they even control their own destiny. Beat Philly next Sunday and they're in. They'll have to play better on both sides next wk to win ofcourse than last nights's debacle. The offense can't wait until the fourth quarter to get untracked, and the defense can't allow 77 and 82 yard runs. One is bad enough but even without the other, Dallas might have still pulled it out. I mean you talk about a couple of freak plays that the Ravens got last night. Well, neither one should have happened and they're not supposed to happen but they did. Last night for me in sports was bad. The worst was ofcourse my Cowboys losing but also, BYU Football lost their bowl game to Arizona in Las Vegas (though BYU still finished the season 10-3 and have most key components coming back next yr) The BYU Basketball team was robbed of a game winning tip in at the buzzer against 20th ranked Arizona St. down in Phoenix for their first loss of the season. And also, my Utah Jazz lost to the Bulls. (Why in the HELL can't we beat the Bulls all of a sudden? It's not like they're any good) I was down pretty low last night and when I woke up early this morning, even though I didn't have to, I couldn't fall back asleep. But then when I come to find out that they Cowboys are still alive and control their own fate, I perked up a little. I said a little. It's still in Philadelphia though and it's an afternoon game with the hit or miss (from a luck standpoint) telecast of Fox with Joe Buck and Troy Aikman. Actually in 2008 the Cowboys haven't lost back to back with them in the booth so based on them botching that Pittsburgh game two weeks ago, they're "DUE" for a win against Philly. The Eagles lost 10-3 to the struggling Redskins so they didn't play well today at all. I don't know if they still have a shot at the playoffs. All I know is that Dallas is in if they win. The motto for the week: Win and you're in. I won't make any prediction for this one. It's better to be left unsaid

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