Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My Fearless prediction

Dallas will win on Sunday Night. Sunday night is Romo's primetime event. It's funny how a fan blogged on that the good thing about Sunday night's game is that there's NO chance that Aikman and Buck will be calling it. Easy there. Well, let's see, 2-0 this year on Sunday Night with Al Michaels and John Madden and with Aikman and Buck, 3-3, if I'm not mistaken. I think that Buck and Aikman were on tap for win over the 49ers. Well, I don't fault Buck and Aikman. But I DO know how good Romo has done on Sunday night over the past two years. 6-1. The Cowboys will be over that botched one from this past Sunday. They are facing the Giants, the team they want to beat the most of all right now. And it's for ALL intents and purposes, A PLAYOFF GAME. Win Sunday isn't their first playoff win since 1996 and it doesn't even clinch a berth for this year's playoff tournament. But this might as well be one. I am a Jim Rome listener. And he praises Dallas when they're winning and is looking for the shovel himself to start digging their grave when they foul up or seem to be unraveling. And he's basically calling Coach Wade Phillips fired in not so many certain words. And the fact that it's December and Dallas is imploding AGAIN. Well, we'll see. I DO recall Rome saying that the NFL is a better place when the Cowboys are good. So I try to remember that he doesn't know anymore about what's going to happen than you or I do. He happened to mention that they'd get a pissed off Giants team on Sunday. The Giants got their A--kicked last week by the Eagles IN THEIR OWN HOUSE. The final score might have been 20-14 but the two Giants TDs came at the end of the half on a blocked FG attempt where the Eagle guy missed a sure tackle on the Giants DB who ran it back 85 yards with no time left on the second quarter clock. The other Giants TD came with exactly ten seconds left in the game against that PREvent defense of the Eagles. Philly came in and punched them in the mouth. Sure they might be pissed at the Eagles. They were listless though. The Cowboys ought to be mad enough to go on a killing spree all the way from Dallas to New York. They ripped a win out of the W column and dropped it into the loss column. So to say the Giants will be pissed off and the Cowboys won't? I think that the defensive line will get to Manning and the Giants D will be chasing Romo around throughout the night. I think that the Eagles knocked New York down a peg. The Giants are not invincible, NEWFLASH TO THEM. Reminds me of last year when the Cowboys were 12-1 AT HOME to a 5-8 Eagles team. The Cowboys had beaten the Eagles to within an inch of their lives in Philly just a month earlier and this game was to be no different. Right. 10-6 Eagles. Romo has his worst day maybe on any level of Football in his life. And the Cowboys never recovered. They won the next week at Carolina, but lost T.O. until that Giants playoff game where he wasn't nearly 100 % and the offense was still somewhat out of sync allowing the upset to happen. And then the Giants shocked the world. Maybe it's not that simple but I know that Brandon Jacobs is questionable at best for this Sunday and the Cowboys are going to be Jacked to play. Dallas will approach this one like it's the Super Bowl. And if I'm wrong, I'm wrong and I'll own it. Cowboys 31 Giants 20.

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