Monday, December 15, 2008

The Cowboys D is still under the radar but that's OK

It took half of the season for them to come around but the Cowboys D is as formidable as any right now and with the offense clicking except for the Pittsburgh game since Romo came back, this team COULD be this year's Giants. It would be less suprising for Dallas to pull the whole thing off given the fact that they were the best in the NFC last year before choking in the playoffs. I mean that's why (along with Romo's rapid growth)they were favored to win the NFC East again and represent the Conference in the Super Bowl. It's been a bumpy ride and there have been now three games that the Cowboys have had this season that were MUST wins and they won them all. Tampa Bay was a must after a humiliating loss to the Rams, and not having Romo is not nearly a good enough excuse. They dug in defensively to beat the Bucs. Then after the BYE week Dallas was 5-4 and trailing Washington by a game in the standings. The Skins had upset the Cowboys in Dallas in late September before Romo's injury. Now the Cowboys won a game that got them back into the wildcard hunt. Mainly thanks to the defense, with Romo knocking off the rust, the Cowboys prevailed and have now surged to 9-5 while the Skins have slid to 7-7 after once being 6-2. Last night was a must win and a chance to prove that they still could beat the Giants. And the defense rose to the occassion. On the Giants first offensive play from scrimmage, Manning was sacked by Ware and fumbled, where a Giant lineman recovered. When that happened, I knew that it was going to be a long night for Eli. And it WAS. Our offense did enough and Romo is a Warrior. And I'm not sure of this stat, but it may have been the first time ALL season that we won the turnover battle outright. Amazing. We ARE starting to create turnovers and if our offense stops with the giveaways, we're still the best team in the N F L. Write that one down. Oh, another bold prediction for this week. Cowboys 27, Ravens 17

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