Friday, September 26, 2008

Cowboys vs Redskins

A divisional showdown again in Big D. This time it's the Washington Redskins, a team not as talented and deep as the Cowboys but certainly capable of scoring the upset if they manage to stick around. The secondary of the Redskins will be reminded again of how devastating the loss of Sean Taylor is. The Redskins offense is potentially dangerous, and methodical. Not the big play explosiveness that the Cowboys Offense possesses but nonetheless, if they are allowed to hang in it, it could be a repeat of last November's nailbiter. In that game, the Cowboys, despite FOUR touchdown passes from Tony Romo, all to Terrell Owens, could not put the Skins away and needed a last minute interception by Terrence Newman to preserve the win. It's a home game, a divisional home game no less, that the Cowboys, IF THEY ARE INDEED THE SUPER BOWL FAVORITES, can't afford to lose. Cowboys' Nation might want to impose a ban on any home losses in '08. This team IS a good road team, yes, but there aren't any home games this year that they should lose. Philadelphia was most likely the toughest of anyone coming to Dallas this year, and the Cowboys survived that one. The defense must contain Portis and watch for Cooley the tight end. They must do the same to Jason Campbell as they just did to Aaron Rodgers. The Cowboys offense, can be expected to move up and down the field, but they must not turn it over, namely Romo, and must continue to execute in the red zone. Turnovers and missed scoring opportunities obviously allow inferior teams to have an opportunity to steal one in your place. My prediction: Cowboys stay unbeaten: Dallas 30 Washington 17.

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