Thursday, September 11, 2008

Fantasy Football

One thing that I have never been intrigued by is Fantasy Football. These are people who obviously care more about the individual performances than they do who actually wins and loses. And it just gets bigger and bigger every year. My estimation of when Fantasy Football started out of the train yard is about 1995. And since then it's only picked up more and more steam. And I have have never ever understood it. Same with the Fantasy ongoings in other major sports but more so with Football. I have devoted plenty of time simply being a fan of the game itself and watching my favorite teams. Football is king to me with Basketball coming in second. Baseball always gets real interesting ofcourse just as Football is getting started. But this Fantasy stuff hasn't reeled me in and if it hasn't by now, it never will. And ofcourse I get a huge kick out of the devastating blow many of the Fantasy pundits have taken with the loss of Tom Brady, and others for that matter who are gone for the year. Injuries are a hard to accept part of the real game so the same goes for the Fantasy Game as well. I think that an actual Patriots fan is far more devastated because it was the last thing that was expected and that their team is actually favored to LOSE to the Jets based largely on there being no Tom Brady. It would just be like me being devastated if Tony Romo were to suffer the same fate. I spend too much time with what really matters. I also am aware of the fact that there is a lot of wagering going on in the Fantasy Leagues. That to me is what is really the issue there. Don't get me wrong, I am interested in the Stats of the notable stars and starters around the league. For example, I'm always interested in Peyton Mannings TDs and Int totals. Or how many catches Randy Moss, or T.O will have. We know that they both will score lots of Touchdowns for sure but the catch count intrigues me the same. I look for Tony Romo to be in the neighborhood at least of the 36 touchdown passes that he had last yr and to throw significantly less than the 19 INT. For most of 2007, he was on pace to pass for at least 40. Brady was on pace for 60 when he had 30 at midseason, already having broken his career season high. If I were to have a Fantasy team, right now I would simply just pick my favorite team based on the fact that they are the consensus pick to at least get to the Super Bowl this year.

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