Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Thoughts of the first week now that it's complete

Suprises were Buffalo, Atlanta, Carolina, Chicago, and Denver. The dissappointing ones were Indianapolis, San Diego, and Seattle. The Seahawks were banged up but, 34-10 to Buffalo? How do the Chargers let the underdog Panthers come into their house and win without even their star wide receiver, Steve Smith? Smith got suspended for the first two games of the new season because in training camp he busted some teammates nose. And then his team goes into San Diego and wins? The Chargers again, as mentioned earlier, have no excuses for that one. Not if it's THEIR YEAR. And then what in the name of Hell was up with the Colts being punched by the Bears? WHAT? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I only have one explanation there. They just simply were not ready to go. At all. Missing an All-Pro Offensive lineman like Jeff Saturday, and having Peyton Manning, who missed training camp and the whole exhibition season with the surgery, really had the whole team looking about as Zombielike as ever but none more than #18. He was rusty, not in any way shape or form that he needed to be in . I still expect them to get it together. And I predict that San Diego will beat Denver. Just me predicting that's all no more or less. They are going to be going into Denver with an enormous chip on their shoulders. Certainly losing the way they did on Sunday isn't sitting well with them to say the least. I guarantee that. To be perfectly honest, I am not a Peter King fan. To me he's just like that Subway Jared. Annoying. And some of his opinions have rubbed me the wrong way. None more than when he voted for Art Monk to not be in the Hall of Fame when that's the biggest crock of B.S. Monk finally got on this year but only about SIX YEARS too late! I laughed when King said that the biggest dissappointment this past Sunday was not Indy losing at home to the Bears, not Seattle's pathetic performance, and not San Diego losing to a significant underdog at home on the last play no less. No, he said the biggest dissappointment was Cleveland. Did he really think that the Browns were going to win? I said before that the Browns were going to have to get into a track meet with the Cowboys, one of those types of shootouts where the last team with possession would pull it out. And that was their only chance in my view because they weren't going to stop the Cowboys. And the Cowboys, as everyone who saw that game knows, called off the dogs.

The Cowboys are now ranked number one on the Power Poll, up from being number three. San Diego, suprisingly stayed at three. I think it's kind of ludicrous to put the Saints at number 4. Why? Just because they beat Tampa Bay at home by four? Okay, Okay. Philadelphia, the Cowboys next opponent, was moved up to number six. Pittsburgh, is right behind Dallas at number two. I think right now, they have the top 2 right in either order. The Rams are number 32, just like I predicted. Something smells god awful right about the time you make your way up the Mississippi River through St. Louis in a riverboat The Rams are absolutely awful. If you don't take them out, they'll probably take themselves out, if week one is ANY indication. That looks like a team capable of running the table in reverse. And the Raiders, are almost as bad. And finally a year ago, who would have ever believed this to be possible, besides Brett Favre in Jets uniform, and Tom Brady's season lasting all of about seven minutes ? I'm talking about the Jets, yes J E T S- Jets, so awful a year ago, being favorites against the Patriots. They are favored by 2 1/2. About ten months ago, the Jets were actually underdogs against the winless Dolphins(Jets would actually prevail 40-13, in what seemed to clinch Miami's winless season before the Ravens handed Miami their lone win) and now they're favored to beat the Pats? I guess a whole lot can change in a short period of time. Take away Brady and give the Jets Favre and I guess it does change a whole lot. Early Prediction for next Monday night's divisional showdown in BIG D: Cowboys 30 Eagles 20

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