Monday, September 1, 2008

what seemed to have gone unnoticed

At least by myself, the Cowboys releasing the veteran WR Terry Glenn back on July 25 went unnoticed. The reason that the Cowboys released him was probably simple. At 34 he's most likely done. And though he's a free agent, he's not likely to play anywhere else either. Or he'd still be a member of the Dallas Cowboys. He really could have helped the team but the knee just hasn't ever come around in more than a year. Yes, he gave it a go at the end of last season and in that playoff loss to the Giants he actually caught a couple of passes but was clearly not half of what he previously was. It's too bad really. He was a favorite of mine for sure and a key part of the Cowboys steady improvement over the past five years. Patrick Crayton doesn't possess a healthy Glenn's speed but is nonetheless an adequate number two guy as he proved last season. As the undisputed number two now, he certainly won't be looking over his shoulder and didn't play as though that was the case even last year. And Tony Romo appears comfortable and has enough confidence in Crayton to go to him regularly. I would like to shout out, on behalf of all of us diehard Cowboys fans, a hearty thanks to Terry Glenn for his part and role in the steady improvement and revival of the franchise that began back in 2003. And also not previously noted by me, I also want to say the same for Coach Bill Parcells for pointing this club in the right direction, bringing in all of the stopgap veteran talent that has either come or gone in that time and or still exists on the Cowboys roster as well as the good drafting of the past five years. And he welcomed Terrell Owens a guy who still has a lot left in his tank but with the reputation of years past, his career was certainly at a crossroads when he was welcomed into the Cowboys fold. Drew Bledsoe did well with the club (particularly in 2005 before being removed six games into 2006 for Romo) and it didn't end the way he or many others would have liked(he did finish his career as Dallas Cowboy) but ofcourse Tony Romo was a hidden Gem from that 2003 draft. And we all know what he has become so far. And it's very likely that Terry Glenn has finished a solid if not spectacular career, the last five yrs as a Dallas Cowboy. I expect whenever Terrell Owens is done, that he w

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