Sunday, October 12, 2008

Another one that got away

The Cowboys dropped a tough overtime loss to the much improved Arizona Cardinals 30-24 on a blocked punt TD recovery only a minute into the extra sudden death session. There were three things that happened during the course of the game that allowed the Cardinals to have a chance in this:

1. The opening kickoff was returned 93 yards for a TD by JR Arrington to put the Cardinals up 7-0.

2. Right before the end of the half with the score 7-7, Dallas blew a golden opportunity to score a TD and then Nick Folk , who later nailed a 52 yarder to send the game into overtime, suffered his only miss of the season thus far, on a 37 yarder that clanged (loudly) off of the left upright, leaving the game tied at halftime.

3. After Romo's TD to Miles Austin on the opening drive of the second half put Dallas up 14-7, and saw at that point, the Cowboys dominating in yards and time of possession, the Cardinals faced a 3rd and 17 which saw Kurt Warner being rushed and getting off screen that was tipped at the line of scrimmage by Tank Johnson and right into RB Hightower's hands and he did his best impersonation of Marion Barber and got the first down by a half a yard and gave his team some momentum that would get them back into the contest.

ANY OF THOSE THREE THINGS DON"T GO ARIZONA'S WAY, and DALLAS WINS! And the Cowboys didn't take advantage of the Redskins losing AT HOME to THE RAMS!

The Rams are Dallas' next opponent. NO excuses. THey'd better win this next one OR ELSE!
Sure is painful to write this, but we're underachieving so far!

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