Friday, October 24, 2008

Trying to make do until Romo's return

Well, now the Cowboys should be a bit more focused obviously this week than last if for no other reason than the fact that they know who's at QB for the next two games until their Nov. 9 bye. Tony Romo is on the original return timetable afterall, Nov. 16 against the Redskins. The Cowboys are staring at a stretch that could jeopardise their playoff possibilities much less the division. Against the Rams, the Cowboys all week were not prepared like they should have been and were DOA come gametime. Yes, I'm referring to DEAD ON ARRIVAL in case anyone's wondering. That's how Jim Rome put it and I'd have to agree with the assessment because I can't think of one that's more fitting, at least not off top. Brad Johnson, you'd think is BOUND to be a lot better on this Sunday. I really expect him to be anyways. He couldn't have been any worse against the Rams. Tampa Bay at home. Dallas would be a ten point favorite if they had a healthy Romo along with Pac-Man, Terrence Newman, and Felix Jones. But they are out this Sunday. Each of them. And they're dinged in many other areas. But ofcourse, if you're Tampa Bay, let me put it this way: If I were a Bucs fan, I'd like our chances against a Cowboys team that's maybe 65 percent. But that's why they "play" the actual game, as Chris Berman always likes to say after there's been a supposedly big upset. And this game is not an upset either way, given the circumstances. The Cowboys still have their receivers, Marion Barber, and the line on offense. And Brad Johnson was rusty. He's not Romo. But he certainly better than LAST sunday. As Bill Belicheck would say after last Sunday's loss" yeah we got our asses totally kicked on both sides, and outcoached. I know we're better than THAT though" I expect the team to rally around Brad on both sides. Especially when even Terrell Owens is saying publicly how the team has confidence in Brad and the team that they will be able to play better from here until Romo gets back. While the worst case scenario is that the team could actually be 4-5( Now WHO would have thought THAT?) when Romo gets back, that would mean a long tough uphill battle just to make the playoffs. If that were to happen (lose their next two to fall to 4-5?!) I'd say that the division crown is likely out of reach but certainly not the playoffs. Playoffs? Don't talk about PLAYOFFS! Are you kidding me? PLAYOFFS? I just hope we can win at least one of our next two games. Man, I thought Jim Mora was awesome.

You know the frustrating thing about this to me? The fact that the Cowboys probably would be the best in the NFL without these key injuries because a month ago, they WERE the best in NFL. And a month ago, the Rams were the WORST in the NFL. But now, probably the worst team has to be the Detroit Lions. Oh, yeah, how in the HELL does newly acquired WR Roy Williams not even catch a ball this past sunday. That's how bad Brad Johnson played, although our defense was an equal contributor to last Sunday'a debacle. I don't think I envisioned losing to the Rams even right before the game started. I could go on forever but, if somehow this team can win Sunday, then there's reason to believe that a division crown is still possible. If we beat Tampa and lose at the Meadowlands next wk without Romo, we DO get another shot at the Giants at least. And the Giants aren't unbeatable for sure. Losing to Cleveland and then having a bit of a hard time with an inferior San Francisco squad. Or we could get embarrassed again on Sunday, that's always possible too. Hope not.

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