Sunday, October 19, 2008

Looking Bleak Continued.....

Well, it was an ugly deal. Losing to the Rams 34-14, a team that started off the season looking 00-16 bad. I mean a month ago, Dallas beats St. Louis 42zip or whatever but that seems like more than a year ago. Obviously, the Cowboys are depleted in their secondary and their special teams have their issues. But first and foremost, no disdain for Brad Johnson, but we need NUMBER 9 back in there. Maybe the Cowboys will be this years' Giants or this year's version of the 2005 Steelers. Maybe this means finally when the calender switches over to December, that the Cowboys will actually be peaking instead of puking. Obviously they haven't played their best football yet and the injuries go a long ways towards putting that off a bit. But next Sunday at home against the Bucs, a team we're better than when at full strength. This team needs to somehow get mad and get Romo back in there. Now, BRad Johnson probably would play much better next week if he were to go but Romo, who was actually active for today but didn't play, needs to be in there and I would almost pencil him back in against Tampa Bay. A month ago, this team was unquestionably the best in the NFL, but now that seems like forever ago. This is the worst that CowboyNation has got to be feeling since 2004, when we KNEW we weren't very good.

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