Saturday, October 18, 2008

Romo playing this Sunday?

Now for the past three days, Tony Romo has been telling the coaching staff that he is ready to go this Sunday against the Rams. The players, staff, and Jerry Jones namely, have been watching Romo throw in practice and the pinkie "appears" to have very little or no affect on the throws. Ofcourse, we will only know in the game situation. Since it's only the Rams (YES, I maintain that their win over Washington was a fluke) I might lean towards starting Brad Johnson and take it as it comes. If it goes well enough, and they get ahead comfortably, maybe put Romo in to see how he is, or be all means, if he's fine he's fine. If tomorrow, we see the Cowboy offense make their first trot onto the field and we see number 9 among them, then that's when we'll know for sure or if it will be a Tall #14, then we'll know it's going to be Brad Johnson. Obviously, regardless of who plays tomorrow, Romo will be back much sooner than expected. And even more obvious, regardless of who goes tomorrow, it's a MUST win for the Cowboys. If they can't beat the Rams...................we'll we don't want to be on that road.

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