Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Stunning few days in BigD

It was bad enough that we lost to the Cardinals (a team we'd have blown away anywhere other than in Phoenix) even worse was HOW they lost, and now, comes all of the other things out of the game. First off, four nights before the game, Adam "PacMan"Jones (you know his track record)the talented defender/special teamer but undisciplined off the field guy, messed up in getting into a brawl, reportedly with one of HIS OWN BODYGUARDS if you can believe that. He played against Arizona but the NFL has now handed down a four game suspension and so he won't return until safety Pro Bowl Safety Terrence Newman is back from Sports Hernia surgery and after another Pro Bowl Safety Roy Williams returns from a broken forearm. But the real stunning news comes from that botched overtime period. Come to find out, TONY ROMO (shit! OH NO!) broke the pinkie on his throwing hand ON THE FIRST PLAY of the overtime session. He's out the next three games reportedly, with a bye week finally coming on November 9. He should be back on Nov. 16 against the Redskins. 40 year old Brad Johnson will take his place in the meantime. Punter Matt McBriar got hurt on the blocked punt, he's out possibly for the year so obviously the Cowboys will have an interim punter come Sunday against the Rams. Felix Jones has a hamstring and will miss possibly the next two games, so another Rookie, Tashard Choice, will start in his place to go along with Marion Barber. But just when the wheels appear to be coming off in BIG D, the team makes a big splash. They have signed ANOTHER Roy Williams, the talented receiver from the woeful Detroit Lions. Williams, a native of Odessa, Texas, played his college ball as an All American at Texas, and is elated to come back home and play for Dallas and T.O. is reportedly estatic about it, meaning he'll get more one on one instead of so much double teaming. Williams, who will wear a #11 Jersey like Danny White and Drew Bledsoe before him, is about the exact same size as T.O. And it could be a scary combination. There will be a lot of Four Wideout sets on plays, you can count on it. Patrick Crayton will still facter in a lot as well. So that's definitely an upgrade. Plus the Cowboys gave Williams a Five Year Contract Extension after this year. But now the serious reality of it all:

Surviving without Romo. Romo is 28 and ofcourse still on the rise. He's a fine athlete like Favre and a lot like Jim Zorn (current Redskin coach) the player. Mobile, improviser, part gambler, sometimes Mad Bomber. He can extend plays as well as anyone that's ever played the game. He still makes a few mistakes that not even I might make (just kidding, you get my point though) Romo's injury doesn't require surgery though he'll reportedly have some kind of a cast on it for the few weeks. Don't you suppose that he will try to get back for the November 2 game against the Giants (who got their asses whopped by a Browns team that Dallas routed)? Anyways, Brad Johnson has been around. He has a ring from his stint with the Tampa Bay Bucs. He was one of the top QBs in the league during his two year stint with Washington (1999-2000) but that was nearly a decade ago. Just last week I was talking to a fellow fan of mine, a co-worker, about Brad Johnson and how he looks to be perhaps a future assistant coach, perhaps staying on with Dallas after he decides he's no longer a player. And now he's the starter for at LEAST the next two games. He's 40 as I mentioned (not that old, only three years older than me) and not Romo in terms of youthful abandon. He will be certainly in a more under neath pass approach and a pocket passer. He won't make plays that Romo makes but some of the mistakes that Romo makes probably won't be made by Johnson either. He will certainly be a coach on the field. A great field general. He's 6-5, so he will be able to see over most. The main concern is whether the offensive line will protect him enough. They certainly are capable of it. Give Johnson the time and protection he needs and you like our chances. Also, look who we play at least in the next two weeks. The Rams, who upset the Redskins, (Redskins beat themselves) The Rams are still bad. The Cowboys should be able to go into St. Louis and win as long as they don't turn it over. Then a home game against the Bucs. I see that being a 16-10 or 20-14 kind of game. But not to look too far ahead. My prediction for this Sunday: Cowboys 24 Rams 10. That will put the Cowboys record at 5-2, which is something most of the teams in the NFL would envy.

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