Monday, October 27, 2008

What can happen with a late bye wk as opposed to an early one

The Giants got to take their Bye week after only three games. They've stayed healthy up to this point. The Cowboys were the best team in the NFL up to that point. But five weeks later, it's all changed with the team having still not reached their bye week and at a solid but not gaudy 5-3 record. A year ago the Cowboys had their bye week after beating Minnesota at home to improve their record to 6-1. So it wasn't as late as this year's which mercifully comes on Nov.9. It's just the breaks beating the Boys. The Redskins have been fortunate as well and they finally have their bye when Dallas does. From a standpoint of injuries, especially because they are untimely, the NFL could stand for the No Fair League. To win in this league takes a lot of luck. And part of luck is staying healthy. The Giants have been more lucky than good from the injury standpoint. They Cowboys are certainly good but not lucky thus far. Not only the injury thing but also the fact that they have a solid defense but are STILL minus 6 in turnovers. The Cowboys have very little margin for error even when they will be healthier again coming off a bye. The schedule is unforgiving. The Cowboys should beat the Seahawks, Ravens, and 49ers at home. But tough Road games at Pittsburgh, Washington, Philadelphia, and a tough home game against those F---ing Giants. Not to mention having to go to the Meadowlands with a hand tied behind their back this Sunday. The NO FAIR LEAGUE is just one of many obstacles that the Cowboys must somehow overcome to get to where they want to be. If they can get into the playoffs at least, in today's NFL, it's anybody's game. And when healthy, Dallas can take down anyone anywhere. No matter what happens Sunday, the BYE week will hopefully cure what's ailing Big D. It's amazing how the injury thing just happens out of nowhere.

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